The reservation center


:blink:Has anyone else noticed that it ALWAYS seems to be down!? I have called atleast 7 times and it has been down 4/7


I have never had the ADR call center go down…ever. That is VERY strange.


I have called three times for dining today…all three times it was down! =(


Really? 407-WDW-DINE? VERY weird…12 trips and I sware I have never had that happen nor heard of anyone else having that happen.


This has only happened to me a few times, where they tell you the computers are down but it was never anything they couldn’t fix in a few minutes and I was asked to hold while everything rebooted.


I actually lost a reservation for the dessert party bc of it! They were able to see it was available, but couldn’t book it! =*( when I called back it was gone!