The resort we want is full, what to do?


Hi, this is my first time posting! This board is such a wealth of information!

We just decided to take our family last minute to WDW from May 30 - June 2. We have to go those dates beacuse of a wedding we have to attend afterwards. So we REALLY want to get into All Star Movies, but they are all booked. I looked last night and they still had some left, but I procrastinated too long. So should I keep trying to get a room there? Is it realistic that someone might cancel there? Or should I be booking it at another All Star and keep calling back to check? I’ve just been checking online.

Its been 5 years since my last trip, I’m a little rusty on what we should do! TIA for any help!


I’d book into another All Star…so you have something confirmed…and then keep checking back. Things can always change.



I agree. Book what you can so you’ve definitely got a place to stay, and then keep checking back.

I guess I didn’t need to bother to post, since I just repeated exactly what PT said! :biggrin:

Welcome to DC!

  1. Welcome
  2. Book now!
  3. Ignore Cavey advice.


Welcome to DC. Are you trying to book a package or just a room only reservation?


I did a little checking for you, and there is nothing at all. I would grab one of the other value resorts, everything is just about sold out for the week you are there. You can always ask to change later if something at Movies opens up.


Thanks for the replies! Here’s another question this may be crazy, but it shows that I could stay at ASM on the 31 st and the 1st, could I get another value resort just for the first night, on the 30th? My DH just really really wants to stay at ASM, he thinks the kids will like it much better there.
So could I have it booked for that and then call and see if they have a cancellation for the night of the 30th? Is that crazy?


Oh, sorry I fogot to add were trying to book a package.


Well I kept trying on and I got our rooms for 3 nights at ASMo! I am just so excited! So glad that someone canceled really!

Thank so much for the advice!


Welcome to DC and keep trying. I experienced the same thing but something eventually opened up for the hotel and dates I wanted.


Welcome Amber Marie! the All-Stars Movies is VERy similar in lay-out and feel to the All-Star’s Music, and All-Stars Sports resorts. I would ALSO try Pop Century too, which is a newer and argurable spiffier value resort.

I would hope you’d be able to find SOMETHING at one of those four resorts. Keep us posted!

Glad you came to DC!


Amber, welcome. Mickey is your man to book a trip through (Mouseketrips).

Just be aware that your dates will be crazy full. Lines for major attractions will average 75-84 minutes.

I’d get whatever room you can grab at this late date. And I wouldn’t waste time trying to switch rooms in the middle of your stay, as all the Value Resorts are pretty much the same.


I’ve stayed at Sports and Music before. Our kids are soooo into Toy Story and Herbie that DH thought we just had to get in ASMo.

No worries though, I got through and we are booked now and counting down the days!


Glad you got your room and welcome to DC!

Hope you have a great time!


Congratulations and welcome to DC. We are going to be there the same time you are, we arrive May 24th.


Congratulations on getting All Stars Movies! My DS(6) and DD(4) loved it there last year, so we are staying there again this year! You are going to have so much fun!

:flowers: Welcome to DC! :flowers:


Welcome to DC! Glad it all worked out! :mickey:


welcome to DC and congrats on getting the hotel you want


I’m so glad it all worked out for you…you’ll love ASMo (but we’ve stayed in all the values and they’re all great!))

Have a great trip and Welcome to DC!!


First thing… :mickey: Welcome to DC!!! :mickey:

I’d book somewhere else and keep checking back. If something opens up at the resort you want, you can always switch it, but at least you’re guranteed to have a room. If you keep waiting for the one you want and it never opens up, then you might not be able to get a room at all…