The return of Captin Eyo?


I have been hearing and seeing rumors from various sources stating that Disneyland officials are seriously considering bringing back the attraction that starred Michael Jackson himself. Is there any truth to that?


As of now that is an official rumor but is being considered by TDA, its somewhat in the works, some debate is going on though because the Theatre in which it would show (the current HISTA theatre) would need a lot of work done to it for the show and Kodak’s contract for HISTA is not up yet, so there is no official word yet as to what will actually happen.


It’s “Captain Eo,” as far as I’ve heard it’s just rumor but who knows; crazier things have happened. Being a child of the “EPCOT 80’s” I’d love to see it again on the big screen but I’d never be near hopeful.


Do you know when the contract will up? In all honesty, I hope it doesn’t. Nothing personal against the “King of Pop,” but I was hoping for something new and edgey. Of course, I am not sure what they would put there to begin with.


I think they should wait a year or so. Let the fervor subside… die down if you will …


I dont know when the contract is up, if I recall correctly, its within the next 1-2 years. And if Eo does return, it would be temporary only, TDA and WDI already have plans for the theatre space for a new attraction in the next few years, so dont worry, Eo wouldnt be around too too long if it were to return, I honestly dont think it is going to return, but thats just me.


As “safe” as Disney is, I can’t imagine they would enter into the controversy known as MJ. Yes, his talent was unparalleled…but the encumberances that surround him are just too great.
There was a thread about this a few weeks ago…LOTS of people weighed in…I think most felt it wouldn’t come back. (I saw it at DL when I was a teen and a HUGE MJ fan, and the memories are strong…)


I thought it was wierd when they did have it. I hope that they don’t bring it back.

MJ, while a talented singer, was a freak. UN Disney to be sure.

Makes you wonder just went on in his life to mess him up so bad.


yes u should fix your spelling before posting. hope they might bring it back RIP MJ


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FYI, poll and long discussion re: WDW Captain EO.


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