The Rumor is official ***UPDATE***


Just to let everyone know, I received this email today:

[B][B]The reservation system used at Walt Disney World Resort for booking dining, recreation and tours will be undergoing an “extreme makeover”. This new reservation system will provide Guests opportunities to book multiple reservations during one booking session and Guests will also be able to make dining reservations online at as early as December 2008 So as you can see, this enhancement will be very exciting and beneficial for Guests.

During this system upgrade, some changes will be made to the current booking horizons. The normal 180 day booking window will be reduced starting July 31, 2008. Reservations for dining, recreation and tours will only be accepted through January 25, 2009 for a short amount of time. The good news is on October 24, 2008, the anticipated upgrade completion date, reservations will again be accepted for the normal 180 day window or April 21, 2009.

It is important to note that reservations for Victoria & Albert’s, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and Chef Mickey’s will not be impacted by these changes. These three venues will continue to observe normal booking windows.


I like the idea of being able to make ressies online. This does not affect me, however, I hope it does not cause any problems for anyone else. Thanks mickeymotto for the update.


Wowie-wow, that IS exciting!


Your welcome!:happy:


How neat is that!!!:cheshire:

I just hope that there are no kinks in the system in the beginning, because we will be part of that beginning!:pinch: :laugh:


YES!! on-line ADR’s! That will be awesome.


Thank you for sharing your e-mail.


yes that will be very exciting, and handy. However, I will miss hearing the music while I am on hold…


Yippee! Great news . . . Disney really needed this upgrade!

And making Dining ressie on line is a SUPER PLUS!!!

Altho, I wonder how many CMs it will put out of work! :pinch: and the computer can’t play wonderful Disney music while on hold or tell you to have a MAGICAL DAY!! :happy:

OH well, they have to keep up with the times I guess . . . sorry got a little nostalgic . . . :blush:


Sound like a nice improvement to me. Sure hope it runs smoothly.


Yay online ressies might be easier to get those hard to get Adrs …


If they still offer the option of calling OR doing it online, maybe CM’s won’t lose their jobs.

I enjoy the music as well and have had more than one really nice CM help with ressies in ways I never would have thought of.


And I love how they haven’t announced this to the cast members. :pinch: And I just switched jobs into the Itinerary Planning Office, so this is my fulltime job now and I knew nothing. (getting off my soapbox now)

Now I really wonder how this is going to affect my job. The end of August can’t get here soon enough. :laugh:


We got an email about a week ago at Guest Relations. I think we are one of the only locations so far because we deal with so many restaurants at Epcot and staff a satellite DRC office.

But we really are always the last to know!


I love that we will be able to book dining online!!! WOO HOO


Me too! Me too! And I love when they give me suggestions and tell me little tidbits I didn’t know about . . . I hope no one loses their job!


I guess it’s advancement, but I LIKE talking to CM’s on the phone.


I wonder if you’ll be able to get a print-out of your ADRs as well. That would be cool!!! Sorry if CMs lose jobs though :frown:


I like talking with the CMs too!:phone: Its like another dose of Disney to tide me over until the actual trip.:happy:

I hope there are no lose of jobs for any CM either! :blink:


Ok so I need some help! We are going 1/24-1/31. So I can call on my 180 mark which is 7/28 and only book adr’s for 1/24 & 1/25 then have to wait until october for the rest of the week? I just want to make sure I’m clear! Thanks in advance!