The Sequels won't stop!


Just when you may have thought Disney would learn their lesson and primarily stop making sequels to classics, the next wave of stinkers are coming sooner than we would like.

Get ready for…

Cinderella III - Apparently the Evil step Mother is able to turn back time and keep Cinderella from becoming a Princess. :pinch:

Brother Bear II - I don’t know, to me… this story was complete at the end of the first movie.

Fox and the Hound II - Another cute classic where a sequel really seems unneccessary, even on profit terms.

Bambi II - Another Pointless sequel to fill in the gaps during Bambi’s time with his father in the woods

Kronk’s New Groove - Perhaps the best potential sequel of the bunch. At least this is more of a side movie, rather than a direct sequel.

Leroy and Stitch - OK, sure Stitch has some interesting qualities to explore, but after bad attractions, two sequels, a cartoon series, and some video games… enough is enough

Peter and the StarChasers - This is interesting and much furthur down the road. A book has been written on what transpired in Neverland before Wendy. This Cartoon is supposedly the next animated feature to be made by Disney for theatres (so I hear). This is a true prequel to a classic based on a book rather than something just thrown together for a money making sequel. I will not judge this one until I find out more about it first.

Funny, Disney is making awesome live action movies like Narnia and Pirates, but the classics that started the company have mostly gone down hill with commercializing and quick money.

I’m sure it is only a matter of time before they ruin Snow White. :nonono2:


Hey Spidey! Good to see ya! OOOOhhhhh and the time is getting close for that SpiderGirl to arrive too!

I agree with you–Disney seems to be reaching a bit far with some of these sequels. The only one I am looking forward to is Kronk’s New Groove–gotta love Puddy! Is the author of Peter and the Star Chasers the same one that wrote Keepers of the Kingdom?


I am both shocked and apalled. Boo-urns!


That Cinderella sounds aweful. Just when we thought she had escaped…


Oh, come now, there’s always room for a good sequel:

Dopey Grows A Beard

Sleeping Beauty II: Aurora’s Narcolepsy

Alice in Rehab Land

Gentleman and the Skank (sequel to Lady & the Tramp. I’m picturing Brittney Spears doing the voice over :tongue:)

Pete’s Unicorn (squeal to Pete’s Dragon)

20K Leagues Above the Sea

The possibilities are endless! You guys are way too critical on people who, in lieu of having an original thought of their own, work HARD to live off the coat tales of true artists. SHAME ON YOU!


And don’t forget these soon-to-be-classics:

103 Dalmations

Pinocchio-The Boy Inside the Wood

Cavey makes me laugh…


I’m available for birthdays and barmitzfas.

Oh, and don’t forget “Ol’ Yeller 2: Yeller’s Revenge”


It saddens me that they have no original ideas for movies and have to make these ridiculous 2’ and 3’s…I don’t usually even bother to watch them cause my experience is they usually don’t hold up to the original…why remake or sequel classics anyway? I cna think of hundreds of movie ideas…maybe we should start a thread here for movie ideas and then forward it over to disney so they stop doing this nonsense. :dry:


AHHHHH!!! Make them stop! :eek: They pretty much all sound appalling–especially the Cinderella one. That’s awful!


That Peter and the StarChasers one should be good, it’s based on a book that was co-written by Dave Barry (my favorite writer) and the book is so cute and funny.


I read Peter & The Star Chasers over my last WDW trip (co-written by funny man Dave Barry). It is a fantastic book! However, I think it would be better as a live-action film instead of animated…


(covers her ears and closes her eyes)

Make it stop please, mommy!

This is getting crazy, although I have given in slightly. DD is a HUGE stitch fan, so we have all three of his movies. And, DD now has Belle’s enchanted Christmas (which I just bought off of ebay recently). But really, Bambi II??? C’mon!!


I don’t mind the sequels, I just wish the writers would have as much of an imagination as the original writers when doing these money making, oh excuse me, sequels.

Only 382 days left before DISNEY :slight_smile:


of course, Disney wouldn’t keep making them if people weren’t buying them.


Ah Cavey, that is oh so true. Guess what? I finally stopped buying them and I think others are beginning to at least be more selective on which ones they buy as well.

Now tell me… doesn’t Through the Looking Glass make more sense than Cinderella III? Alice could justify a sequel before many of the choices they have chosen so far. Aladdin made since too, unfortunately they kinda flubbed the sequel without Robin Williams and not going full blown movie budget. Then the third one just had an awful story. There was a lot more of the existing Arabian Nights stories they could have tapped into if they had tried a little harder.

Oh, I forget Brother Bear II. I just added it to post #1.


Don’t hate me, but I didn’t even like the first Brother Bear. As for the others, there is no excuse for them being so lame!


“Leroy and Stich” - is this the Urban version?


Boss you are so twisted–I appreciate the laugh! :tongue:


What? … what?

It’s just that I hadn’t seen that one.



With the news of this upcoming direct-to-video release, slated for April 2006, one begins to feel a roadmap is needed to stay on top of the Lilo & Stitch film series. It all began in June 2002, when Lilo & Stitch was released to theaters following a longterm and clever marketing campaign. The film grossed $145 million domestically, and nearly that much outside of North America too. While not on par with Disney’s tremendously successful '90s musicals, the film was clearly a hit.

Making sure to capitalize on their hottest original animated property of the decade, Disney soon followed suit with an animated series set after the events of the movie, cleverly titled “Lilo & Stitch: The Series”, for ABC Saturday mornings and Disney Channel around the week. Right before the series made its fall 2003 television debut, though, there was Stitch! The Movie, a direct-to-video feature-length launch to “The Series” released in August of 2003.

This month (time of publication: August 2005), a “proper” direct-to-video sequel entitled Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch comes to DVD. Naturally, this also takes place after the events of Lilo & Stitch…but before “Lilo & Stitch: The Series.” Leroy & Stitch, coming next spring, will be the feature-length conclusion to the television series.

To sum up, Leroy & Stitch will become the fifth Stitch DVD Disney has released in Region 1. That number does not include the long-delayed 2-disc Lilo & Stitch special edition that has already made its way to several parts of the world, but it does include Lilo & Stitch’s Island of Adventures, a standalone set-top/boardgame released to DVD in November of 2003.

In its opposition towards “mild sci-fi action”, the MPAA has helped figuring out the Stitch chronology; both the original movie and its 2005 “official” sequel were rated “PG.” Leroy & Stitch will carry a G rating, like Stitch! The Movie which launched the television series Leroy ends; these three entities follow the two films. And Island of Adventures is still just a game, therefore lacking a firm need to fit in with the rest.

Got all that? Good. After Lilo and Stitch say their goodbyes and part ways, Leroy & Stitch reunites them. The “Leroy” in question is a diabolical new experiment which demands everyone’s immediate attention. The captures below come from a one-minute preview on the Stitch Has a Glitch DVD. [/I]