The shopping stop


We’re flying to WDW (arriving about midnight) and staying at SSR. I expect we’ll use Magical Express to get there. I’m wondering about a shopping stop. Some forum users have recommended; some have recommended Quicksilver transportation as they include a shopping stop; someone recommeded shopping at a place in DTD (I forgot the name already!). What works best?


We have always used a towncar service with a grocery stop. It has worked out very well for us and the grocer is on the way.


Same here. I think it’s the most painless way to go.
Quicksilver with a quick stop for beer and water is perfect for us.


We always hit Goodings on the way to the resort… the kids love the rainbow bread!!! Here is a pic:


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: you let them eat that or do they model it like clay :laugh:


Hahaha!!! That bread is really something. I have never found it anywhere else on the planet… plus, Goodings is a fantastic store. They even have liquor. It is definitely a little pricey, but you are done in a single stop!


I have never seen bread like that before. Is it sweet?


Giving up the free ME and paying for a town car to make a grocery stop sounds like a good choice. Any recommendations? I’m out of country so am not familiar with town car company names. (I guess I already heard about Quicksilver…anybody got any other favorites?)


All the limo companies in Orlando are very similar in pricing, altamouse. But Quicksilver is exceptional in their service, as well as being a sponsor for this website. So you will find many members here who will attest to their good experience with them.


Daisee, it is plain ol’ white bread. Just like Wonder! But way more exciting for the kids!!!


We had groceries delivered through the resort and were very satisfied. My son liked being able to make a sandwich late at night and have cereal in the mornings. Something else we discovered and seemed to be a littel known fact was that you can use your dining plan snack credits to get some food items from the resort store (at SSR there is a little store next to the counter service restaurant). For instance, we got a 2-liter bottle of soda using 1 snack credit and a large bag of potato chips using another one. At the parks, we could have gotten a 20-oz bottle and a small bag of popcorn or chips for the same dining credit. It’s an option to consider.


We didn’t find this out until the last day of our trip when we had a billion snack credits to use. The lady a the gift shop sayed the chips were a snack credit and we assumed she meant the little bags but then she corrected us. Then we ended up with enough junk food for our Universal Studios part of our trip and still had some left after that.


Use the magical express! Order your grocery’s through the and have them delivered to the SSR. Arrange to have them delivered a few hours before your arrival. The SSR has a huge walk in refrig and they are happy to keep your grocery’s until you ready to get them. You are on vacation, who wants to stop on shop on the way from the airport?? Shop on-line at you leisure.


MissDis, only you would appreciate this comment coming out of my mouth but the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of that bread was; “Oh my gosh, they must poop rainbow after eating that.” :laugh: :mellow: