The Texas Gang’s “schools out” Summer 2008 Trip Report


This is a combined trip report by Trailblazer, A Goofy Family & BDavis932’s. (Thought this would be easier then 3 separate reports!)

Cast: 15 of us including Trailblazer, A Goofy Family (and In-Laws), BDavis932 Family, and one more family of 4 (hopefully will be joining MB soon!)

Dates: May 30-June 7, 2008

We left home at 11:00 am on May 30th for the Austin Airport. There were 13 of us flying out today headed for Disney World!! We checked in curb-side and got through security within a few minutes. Everyone picked a different place to eat lunch once we got through security. (Most of us enjoyed Austin’s famous Salt Lick BBQ!!). We boarded the plane and took off right on time at l:45 pm. We arrived in Orlando (early!) at 4, got on the Magical Express to All Stars Music for two nights. After we checked in we went to our room at the “Rock Inn” and then we headed to Magic Kingdom. We ate at Pecos Bills for dinner. BDavis’ DD was picked at the laugh floor (she thought that was very cool!). When we got back to our resort around 1:30 am, we were happy to find our luggage waiting in the room.


Yay! Another TR, just what the Dr. ordered ~ got any photos to with that order?!?:laugh:


I second that . . . I :heart: this schools out time of year . . . so many TRs to past the time until we go again! :wub:


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YAY! Another trip report! And it looks like it will be a Tag Team effort, too! LOVE THOSE!!! Can’t wait to hear more! I also cannot imagine traveling to WDW with that many people! I’m so curious to hear how it all turned out! :happy:


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YES! I am living on TRs right now! It seems like November is FOREVER away so the TRs are helping me stay sane. (If that is possible :laugh:) Can’t wait to read more and see some pics!


Thanks everyone! We’ll have LOTS of photos, but probably not up until the weekend. Stay turned for our next day…coming up.


Yep, the three of us will be adding comments as we go. :pirate:

We usually travel in groups that usually range from 12 people to 22. We all have similiar likes and have a planning session with the group a few months before we go. We don’t always tour together as a group, sometimes we break up for a few hours here and then meet up at meals. It works out great for all of us!! :simba:


On Sat. we went to EPCoT to see some of the Flower and Garden Festival. We rode Soarin’, Figment and also checked out the new Living Seas and Turtle Talk. We ate at the Sunshine Season Food Court in the Land. Some of us rode Mission Space (orange and green) while others went and rode the boat in Mexico and Norway. We left about 3:00 to head to our mini MouseBuzz meet-n-greet at the MK. We RUSHED all the way back to Pirates of the Caribbean to find Disney Teacher and RCharmichal waiting for us (we got there 5 minutes late!). We enjoyed saying “hi” to everyone!!

After that a couple of our gang went to see if they could get on top of the Contemporary to have a better view of the shuttle launch…but most of us stayed and rode PoC and then walked around the back of Pecos Bills, came around the corner about 5:00 and had the PERFECT spot in Frontierland to watch the shuttle go up! It was awesome to see…we had a great view! The two that went to the Contemporary were able to get on the roof! They had a wonderful view and a neat experience!!

Tonight was the Pirate & Princess Party. A Goofy Families in-laws flew in today and met up with us in time for dinner at Cosmic Rays before the party. We had a great evening searching for treasure and having low wait-times. The fireworks were awesome! Also enjoyed the Pirate tutorial with Captain Jack (wowza!!) and the Aladdin show. The older kids liked dancing on the dance floor. We also got some great pictures with Pirate Mickey and Donald.


here are some photos from the first couple days:



Another trip report! :pirate:

Thanks for doing this. Though, really, how many of us would mind three seperate trip reports? :wub:


Yahoo!! Another family from my neck of the woods!! I always have great experiences flying out of Austin/Bergstrom. Can’t wait to hear all of the details and see your pictures.


here are some photos from the first couple of days:


You saw the space shuttle go up!!! :wub:

Great pictures! I hope there are more! :happy: