The Texas Gang’s “schools out” Summer 2008 Trip Report


really nice photos…can’t wait for the rest of the TR:happy:


Photos are up!:cool:


Pictures are great!! Thanks so much for sharing your TR!! :wub:


Loving your TR so far!! Can’t wait to hear more. I love the pictures too!


Photos are here:


On Sunday bell services moved our bags to Animal Kingdom Lodge. We spent the day at Epcot. We had a reservation at Marrakesh (Morocco) and the food was delicious! Most of us had the sampler which included various dishes. The lamb, couscous, and desserts were wonderful! This was the final day of the flower and garden festival and they had some wonderful topiary this year. We rode several rides, visited a few countries and split up for dinner (all fast food – Japan, UK, Germany, etc) then on to Norway to watch Illuminations. Then we all headed for the bus and back to AKL and most of the gang went swimming. The pool at AKL is so warm and the hot tub is so nice!

On Monday we slept in a bit, explored AKL a little and then went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios around 11:00 am. We had lunch at Rosie’s All-American Cafe and then did a number of the shows and rides. That night we had reservations at Ohana’s and the food was wonderful. It rained hard when we were eating and then when we got ready to leave it stopped, but it was still very hot and humid. We went back over to DHS rode some more rides and most of the gang stayed for Fantasmic. This was the first time we didn’t do a Fantasmic Dinner package and 1/2 the auditorium was empty!


That sounds like such fun!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it! Off to do some reading now…


I love your pictures!! They are awesome.
I can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip!


Cool pics! I liked those diamond-y effects on the slideshow! Can’t wait to hear the rest.


Oh cool pics and great TR- thanks


Loving the TR and the pictures! Keep them coming…


I have always want to see the space shuttle go off but have never had the oppurtunity. I love the slide show effect to your pictures and the “pixie-dust” as the show.


Tuesday was AK Park day. We all did different things including Everest, Kali, Nemo Show (which was so much fun!) and we all met up and rode the safari together. We ate lunch at Flame Tree BBQ. :cool: Everyone had a great day only it was so hot and humid! That night BDavis Family and Trailblazer ate at 1900 Park Fare while the rest of the gang stayed at AK. The characters were great and so was the food! :wub: It is a really nice place and enjoyed the experience very much! We all met up at Epcot for the evening (EMH) and we rode a few rides before heading back to the lodge.

Wednesday most of the gang went to Blizzard Beach and Disney Quest. Six of us went to Epcot and ate fast food in America. We went to Club Cool, did a few countries we that we missed, we watched Miyuki make candy animals out of sugar/corn syrup in Japan (which was so cool!) and rode Ellen’ Energy Adventure. We also rode Spaceship Earth before heading back to the lodge to eat at Boma for Dinner. :wub: We all found things we enjoyed, but between the pineapple upside-down cheesecakes :cool: and the zebra domes we all found a dessert that we fell in love with! After dinner, we used the night vision goggles and then went swimming.



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Great pictures! :heart: the pixie dust!!


Here’s some more!
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Wow, the theater for Fantasmic was half full?? That must have been very cool.

Looking forward to the rest of your report. I love those pineapple cheesecakes at Boma too!!


your pics are wonderful.


Thursday we went to DHS:cool: . We watched a Lights Motor Action, did ToT, RCRC, then ate lunch at the Terrace Grill (back by Honey I Shrunk the kids play ground). We did the backstage tour and three guys from of our group got selected for the show! It was fun to see them get drenched!!:goofybounce: We enjoyed the new Toy Story Mania again (it was down all day, but they honored our Fast Pass from earlier in the day when it was having “technical problems”.) Around 5:00, nine of us went to 50’s Prime time to eat. :goofy: (Fun was had by all!) Then we went back to Epcot to go through the rest of the countries.:simba: Several of us went to the movie in France and decided to stop for a pastry (why haven’t we done this before, lol!) We watched a bit of Illuminations and then walked to Canada to see the movie there. We decided to head back to the resort to get a decent nights rest as some of the gang was going to get up early to be at DHS at park opening for the first day of Star Wars Weekend.

On Friday (our final park day) a few of us went to Magic Kingdom while the rest were checking out Star Wars Weekend opening day. We had a reservation for everyone at Crystal Palace, but all but three of us were still in a LONG line buying some collectibles at Star Wars. So BDavis932 and DD and Trailblazer went and had lunch. The rest of the gang doesn’t know what they missed!! It was so fun with Pooh and his friends. We watched the parade and did a number of rides and shows. We grabbed supper at Cosmic Rays’. Then we rode some more rides. Some of the gang started to get tired and decided to go to the lodge around 9:30, a few more dropped out around midnight, but 6 of us ended up being the LAST people out of the park! (Made it back to the hotel at 3:30 am)