The Tiggers M&G weekend TR


I’m going to start from the beginning which is friday noon o’clock.

We arrived at AK whipped out the the AP and entered the gates :smile: . I love AK so does Mrs Tigger but this weekend was not about commando park visit so we did AK a little relaxed (we are both a little worn down from the past few weeks of crazy work).

We slowly walked thru the front and visited the animals and took in the atmosphere :flowers: It was such a peaceful way to start the trip. Aaaahhhh.

Well it was noon o’clock so we decided to get some lunch. Well we have heard so much about Flame Tree so we headed over there (no Tusker House this trip :noo: ). We both had pull pork sandwiches with the beans, I also got the cole slaw. It was good but will didn’t convert me from Tusker House :cool: . The best part was the view! We had a great view of EE…it looks so cool…I can’t wait to scream down that hill!

After lunch Mrs. Tigger picked Dinosaur. Walk on (I consider anything under 10 minutes a walk on). It was so much fun but isn’t it always :laugh:

Next we wandered over to Asia and walked the trails. Again very fun very relaxing (the peacock must have been a relation of Cave…all the tail feathers were out but he only showed us his backside :tongue: ).

More ambling later we wound up on Kilimanjaro Safaris. We saw more animals then ever on this trip around the savanna :biggrin: Again so much fun! (our wait time was a little over 25 minutes).

After the safari we watched the 4:00 paraded and then headed over to Pop Century to check-in.

Day to on the way…


Info on Pop Century. It is really big, really nice, and really fun! The staff was excellent! Check-in was excellent. The food court is top notch! Store was hugh.

It is know our top choice for value resorts. 4 paws way up for Pop Century!


Well MK day was started early. We had breakfast bars we had brought with us and V-8. Headed out at 8:30 for the bus…

Well the MK bus line was already 3 or 4 bus loads deep so we jumped over to the EPCOT witch had about 20 people in it. Took the bus to EPCOT then hopped the monorail to TTH. Well being crazy we bounced to the ferry…heck why not ride all the forms of disney transport in one trip :laugh:

Well again we took the leisurely approach to the park.

Watched Cinderella Celebration. PoTC, JC, HM, Mickey’s Phil, COP, TTA, Stitch, SM. All were walk on accept Stitch and SM which we got FP for. Had a nice lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern (being relaxed we just went to the closest restaurant at 11:45…looked at the watch, looked at the map and there we were).

At about 3:30 we were in Tomorrowland and it started to rain (Erin were you there then?)

We then headed towards EPCOT…


We thought we would sneak in Soarn’ but the wait time was 60 minutes!

So we headed over to the Boardwalk to check it out.


Hey, I’m waiting for the M & G part! Even though I was there…:pinch: (must…relive…again!) :tongue:


I love it sooo far Tiggers! By the way–I LOVED the shirts you guys wore to the Meet and Greet!!!


So far so good! I’m glad you weren’t converted from Tusker House–it’s my favorite, too!


Great Start! You and your wife make a nice couple! :heart:


There is nothing weirder then seeing someone you think you know but have never really meet (in person anyway) and walk up to them and say “Hello are you lil’pocahontas?”

What do you say if it isn’t? How embarrassing would that be!

Me and DW are walking along the Boardwalk looking at the sights…it is our first time there…what a neat place. Taking in the sights when I see a women with a kid walking towards us. The place was not very busy so she stood out.

Anyway before that little voice in my head could pop up and say “Hey you are about to make a fool of yourself” I walked up to to a familiar face and said “Hello are you lil’pocahontas?”


Thanks God it was!

I introduced myself as Tigger and my dear Mrs Tigger. She said that she had lost Cavey!


:laugh: Yeah, you woulda looked kinda silly, wouldn’t you?

Why am I not surprised that she lost Cavey?


LOST seems to be the theme of DC Celebration!!!


ROFL Why was everyone so disorganized?!


Lil will go down as the first internet friend I have ever meet. It was sort but one for the record books!


Hi Roxie! I wish you could have been there friend (along with everyone else)!


I know…me, too!!

I’ll be down in May - Erin and I are planning on meeting up. You in? :laugh:


When in May! We will be there over the weekend of the 13th…


UGH I’m waiting for more… ur keeping us in suspense… lol just like EJ said we were there but still… Grin


Ok Ok Ok people…


Lil went looking for Cavey and we went to look at more of the Boardwalk.

We passed EJ and Pete but this time my voice won out. Sorry…I knew it was you guys I really did.

We explored for a bit and then heed back to the M&G.