The Timeshare Store


Thinking of purchasing DVC resale thru The Timeshare Store. Does anyone have any horror stories about this company or resale in general? :eek: I can’t see paying “full price” per point when resale is available. I love to save my Disney dollars!!!


We did not (bought direct twice) but I think many here have including Mickey (I think).


I think that the biggest issue is that Disney has the right of first refusal, so basically, they must allow you to purchase the points. I have heard that they do exercise this right frequently.


The difference is really not that great when you factor in things such as closing costs which can really run the cost per point up, especially if you buy DVC direct during a promotion such as this one…

SSR is $10 off which brings the cost down to $94 effectively. Plus you get bonus points to use 1st year. Rent them out instead @ $10 and use the money to pay down your purchase price and you points are $84!!!

Like SKWAK said you have to wait for Disney on the first right of refusal. I had TWO deals in place only to loose them to the FR of R.


I’ve got AKV up for sale through them…maybe you’d be interested?


We went back and fourth on this issue. After doing the math we went direct to get the bonus points.


Same thing happened to us when we bought our 2nd set of points.