The top 7 things I didn't like about OKW


We recently took a week long trip (8 nights) with the entire family to WDW.
We stayed at OKW resorts. It was our first DVC trip and I was looking forward to trying OKW as I had heard many good things, especially the room size, from other MB’ers. But I have to admit, I was not that impressed, and several things were aggravating to me. In the spirit of the “Top 7 things to do at WDW” which seemed to play on a constant loop in the rooms, here are my top 7 things I didn’t like about OKW.

#7 - The bike rental. I thought it would be a fun excursion to rent one of the surrey bikes and explore OKW a bit since it is kind of large. I inquired at the desk, expecting it to be around a $10-$15 rental. I was told it was $22. I said I thought that was a bit much for an hourly charge, and was told that was $22 for a HALF HOUR. We ended up skipping the bike ride.

#6 - The hottub & waterslide. The hottub was not very hot…this is one of the small things I enjoy about going to hotels, and the one night I REALLY needed some relief for my aching legs & calves after a lot of walking, I was disappointed. Granted, I am a bit of a hottub snob, but still. Another night, the entire family came back from the parks and opted for an evening swim. We had been in the pool about 10 minutes, when the lifeguard announced that he was leaving (and the slide was closing) in about 15 minutes at 8:00pm. The hotel info channel showed that the slides was open until 10pm. Luckliy, my oldest DD, my DW and I were all able to get a couple of rides in before it closed, but I was disappointed the hours had changed without notice.

#5 - The shower. I was looking forward to the cool silver showerhead we have had at other Disney resorts, but our shower had an old plastic showerhead that didn’t have much pressure.

#4 - The beds. My DW and I had stayed at CBR for a few nights in August, and the new Disney-partnered beds they had was one of, if not, the most comfortable mattresses we had ever slept on. They even had the order form in the room we brought home where you can order them and other Disney incidentals for your house. But this mattress was an older mattress and wasn’t very comfortable. It was almost as if the moderate room was better than the deluxe-esque DVC room.

#3 - One of our resort mornings, we let our kids do one of the organized activities at the community room. It was a ‘color your animal’ event. You paid $4 and your child picked a stuffed animal that was made with white cloth, and then they sit down and color them with markers. Unfortunately, the markers are not clothes safe, and between the markers themselves and the colors bleeding off the animal as my 2-yr DD held it against her, it stained her shirt. We thought it was going to be unwearable, but after a few times through the washer, the majority of the stains came out.

#2 - The Goods to Go CS. This should not even be called a counter-service restaurant, as it LITERALLY is just a counter…no tables, chairs, nothing! The food was below average on the whole (the burgers and desserts were the high point) and we had issues the first time we tried to order 3 meals w/ CS credits and 2 without (since our 2-yr twins are not allowed to get dining plans until they are 3). I have eaten in the CS at SSR, and it is miles and miles above the OKW place…I would even take ASMu’s foodcourt over this.

#1 - They lost our reservation the day of our arrival!!!:eek: Luckily my DW called the morning we left to confim things since we wouldn’t be getting to the resort until around 1 or 2 in the morning, and we figured our 3 kiddos would either be dead-weight asleep or not in a good mood. The clerks had nothing, nadda, zippo for us!!! Luckliy, they were able to switch us over to Member Services and get it taken care of, it still added a lot of stress to our already stressful travel day. On a positive note, I think because of this, we ended up in a room right across the street from the Hospitality House, which was very nice when getting sodas, etc and catching buses.

A few other thoughts…we had breakfast at Olivia’s one morning. DW and I both had the omelets. They were good, but nothing to write home about. I was surprised that the quality wasn’t better as we had read it usually required an ADR, but I’m convinced it is because the dining area in the restaurant is comparatively small to other restaurants. We were also a little miffed when we ran out of toilet paper, called the front desk to request more about 2:00pm, and returned from a night at MNSSHP around 1 in the morning, and had to call AGAIN because there still wasn’t any in the room.

Overall, the stay and room weren’t all bad, the resort has its nice features also, and I know this post has been pretty negative, but I think it will be later rather than sooner for us before we stay there again.


Overall, the stay and room weren’t all bad, the resort has its nice features also, and I know this post has been pretty negative, but I think it will be later rather than sooner for us before we stay there again.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE]

I for one appreciate your honesty. Your points are well-stated and backed with facts and details without being whiney and petty. I think you have valid reasons to be disappointed. Sure, it can and does happen to everyone occasionally, but I think you had more than your share here. Thanks for sharing. I hope your next stay is more magical, wherever you choose.


Glad to hear there were at least some bright spots. Unfortunately, there is a reason why OKW usually cost the least amount of points. It’s the oldest DVC resort and I don’t think it’s had a major refurb in awhile. We went there in June and loved every second of it but since I’ve been back most of the reports have been abysmal. I hate to see it I really do!


hey Paul I am sorry you had some negatives at okw. We did too, especially in our room. I wrote about in my TR but there were alot of positives too. Are u guys gonna do a TR? I’m anxious. Haha


Paul -
I am very sorry to hear your negatives…I didn’t experience any of the above, but totally agree with you on the CS options…bleh nothing there for me.

I have never even bothered with the bikes…anything rental at WDW = way to much money for me to waste. The $22 for a half hour doesn’t shock me in the least bit.

Again, so sorry that you didn’t enjoy your stay there. I know they are slowly re-doing every room there and think you got one of the not done rooms. Mine (building 19) was perfect. To think I was fighting to get one of the rooms you got…so glad I didn’t.

Hope the rest of your trip was pure magic and would LOVE to hear about it in a trip report if you have the time.


This is Paul’s DW, b1wife…

I promise a highlights-only TR is coming. I have had no time (work, sick kids, etc.) since we got home to even really be on MB, much less do a TR. But, I hope to do one in the next few weeks. Thanks for the interest!



Sounds like you would be hard to please at about any place. OKW is quiet, clean, friendly, unique, and certainly worth the value. Sorry.


The surrey bikes cost that much to rent at POR as well. We skipped that because it’s a bit too steep for my taste.


I disagree…surprising I know. This was our fourth trip using on-site properties, and this is the only one I have been disappointed in. Maybe it was not so much it being bad as it being below my elevated expectations. I was very happy with ASMu; it was simple and clean and the pools were nice, even though we had to change rooms twice there for room issues. I loved SoG (the military deluxe-equivalent); the rooms are huge and clean even though the transportation is not as good. CBR was a very good experience; the room was great with great theming even though it was a hike or bus ride just to get a soda/CS meal and the main pool was closed.

OKW does have its good points. I personally didn’t think the the CMs were as outgoing as the other resorts I’ve seen, but overall it is a nice resort. The rooms are definitely large enough, even for my 3 kiddos all in the living room of the 1-bdrm room. One of my best memories is an afternoon when all the kids were napping, and my DW was able to sit out on the back patio and read as is rained light-to-medium (listening to rain / rainstorms is one of her favorite things). We did like being right across from the hospitality house as everything was very convenient and near the trash drop-off of our building so we could get rid of dirty diapers daily. We also enjoyed the boat ride past SSR to DtD. Again, I not trying to say that OKW is bad overall, just that there were things that I did not like about our stay there. I also think that since we just bought into DVC earlier this year, I am still experiencing some ‘sticker shock’ and expecting more than a “nice resort” for the investment my family made.


I have to disagree too, I’ve met Paul & Rebecca and have gotten to know them through their Disney trips & planning here on Mousebuzz. If there are any two people here with the ability to give a fair assesment it’s them. I had a lot of issues at OKW also and yes I agree that it’s friendly, quiet, & worth the value. Although, clean & unique is debatable in my book. It does have A LOT of pluses and I enjoyed staying there but we had some issues too.


I was just looking on-line, out of curiosity, because we’ve rented Surrey bikes at SSR before and I could have sworn we paid $15. Actually, you can rent a 2-seated surrey (which must have been what we did) as a DVC member for $15. I think there are different prices for members & non-members also. Actual bicycle rentals are about 1/2 the price and for double the amount of time.


That may be…we were asking about the 4-person bikes, so I’m sure they were more expensive than the smaller bikes.


Yeah, I can’t find OKW but it has to be very similar. These are the surrey prices for SSR:

2-seater for 30 minutes: $15.28 (DVC members) $16.90 (guests)
4-seater for 30 minutes: $18.68 (DVC members) $20.65 (guests)
bicycle for 60 minutes: $6.80 (DVC members) $7.51 (guests)

It does seem like those surrey prices should at least be for 60 minutes, instead of 30. Although, when Daniel and I rented them we were pretty ‘done’ after 30 minutes in hot August. :laugh: