The Tower of Terror... (movie)


After an afternoon of watching our Disney planning DVD (I had to show the ex the dvd about WDW), and talking to DD about what rides we were going to go on this year and trying to talk her into RNR, we go on the subject of the TOT and as I was explaining the ride to my ex, my DD had a ton of questions about the ride and I told her there was a movie made after the HTH so we ran to video stores trying to find the movie (after I thought it was a twilight zone movie! :huh:), we found it at Blockbuster!!! :biggrin:

Now I know it’s a Disney movie! DUH! :wacko: and it was not too scary for DD to watch and I learned a few things too! :wink:
Now I know the movie is based on the RIDE!

I can’t wait to go back on to see all things from the movie on the ride!!!

Anybody else here see the movie???


I love that movie! I’ve seen it several times on the Disney channel and ABC family. The usually play it every year at Halloween time.


I saw that movie. It was pretty entertaining, especially for younger viewers. It features a very young Kirsten Dunst.


It has been a long time since I have seen it but that type of movie is totally my speed. I like child friendly scary. :smile:


Yep…I have it…of course.


I have it also! :happy:


I knew I liked you! :wink:


I like you also! :happy:


LOL! :laugh:

I WANT to buy it! :wink:


I saw it long before I ever rode ToT. Not a great movie, but not a bad one either. I always think of the little ghost girl… (Sally, right?) as the daughter on Boy Meets World. :happy:


I didn’t even know there was a movie, or I have the info in my brain and have totally forgotten. I will have to take a looksie at my video store and see if they have it. Thanks for the recomendation.


Dana, You have to go rent it!
It scratched my Disney itch! :laugh:


I rented it years ago…and hated it. :laugh: But that’s because I had just gotten back from riding ToT over and over again, and the movie couldn’t possibly cure my I-miss-the-ToT blues! It was too far-stretched from the ride for me.

BUT…it is great for an I-miss-WDW fix! :heart: I’ve actually kind of been hankering to watch it lately. :tongue:


Its a cute film, its fun to see all the movie related stuff in the ride, inc the characters etc but noway cures a tot itch!


Is that the one with Steve Gutenberg(sp)?


some of the dialogue with him is boring in the beginning I must admit but once they get to the HTH, it starts to getting interesting again…


It worked for me! :wink:


I’ve seen it, but it’s been a while . I remember it being pretty cute. I think it is a made for tv movie right?


Now that, Iam not sure of!
But you may be right, because there are little “breaks” where the commercials would be!