The Trip of a Lifetime


Hello All Mousebuzzers,
I just got back from a trip to DL with 27 people! Boy did we have fun! :mickey: Where to start…

Well we started out leaving on the train to get to Anaheim on the 13th. After 24 hours of the not so blissful train we arrived in LA where we were going to make a train switch. Well, long story short, a man was threatening to jump on the train tracks so all the trains were stopped and we were forced to take a bus to Anaheim (and we thought the train was bad). We were a large group (though not everyone in our group was traveling by train) and not surprisingly ended up on two separate buses. We did end up at the same place in the end and took a taxi to our hotel.

The Desert Palms Hotel is very nice and the beds feel especially nice after a long trip.:sleeping: We all feel asleep fast and the morning came all to quickly. Then we remembered something (oh yeah!) were going to Disneyland today! The walk to the park is not long at all and is not too exhausting after a long fun day in the park!

Well we got to the park well before opening and waited in the small line for CA. When we did all get in the park we ran to get FP for the World of Color (blue section). The temporary entrance is great, but slightly inconvenient when it comes to switching between the “lands” but for all the work to come it was well work it!:smile: When we got to Paradise Pier, we rode The Little Mermaid. It was a nice ride though when we were done we were ready for something a little more… thrilling. That’s when we all shouted “Tower of Terror!” and ran off in that direction.:ohmy: Once wasn’t enough for most of us so we rode it again.

Then we split into groups and mine headed over to DL, Fantasyland to be precise. We rode Mr. Toad and Pinocchio then headed over to meet everyone at the refreshment Corner for lunch.

More later…


27 people?? That blows my mind. I had about 8 one trip and that was hard. I am glad you had a great time. I am ready for more TR and pics!!!


27 people is astonishing. (Although I guess I’ve done that. But we never stayed together for more than the first ride!)

And you are putting a VERY positive spin on the DCA traffic pattern. :laugh:


Great start! Can’t wait to read more, and pictures would be great too :slight_smile:


27 ppl it was had to keep up with the three of us at times, can’t wait to hear more. TOT all the way!!!


me too. And to make everyone happy, oye!!


I traveled to WDW with 13 and thought I was doing something. 27! I am waiting for the pictures. Loving the TR.


Sorry to hear the train experience was bad. I’ve taken the train from San Diego to Anaheim and to Union Station in LA. My experiences were so much better, but then, I was avoiding the traffic gridlock on I-5 and I-405. :wub:

Glad you enjoyed Disneyland, however, and can’t wait to hear about your trip! :mickey: