The Tropicana & Carosel


We have always had good rooms and service at the Tropicana. It is practically across the street (Harbor Blvd) from the entrance. The Carosel Inn has also been great and is also on Harbor right next to the Tropicana. Both are an easy walk to both parks and DTD.


Thanks for the review Goofy Daddy! We have stayed at the Carousel before, but have never tried the Tropicana. They both have great locations though, don’t they?

P.S. Welcome to MouseBuzz! :mickey:


Welcome aboard Goofy Daddy! I like your name for some reason… I don’t know why? Maybe we have met before? Ah, maybe it is nothing…

Thanks for sharing! :wink:


Hey thanks for the welcome! We just came back from DL last night. We stayed at The Plaza (Best Western) this time and I found it was also a pretty good “base” to use for sleep and such when not in the resort. It is located right on Harbor, in front of the cross walk that goes into the resort.

We’re staying at the Carousel (yes I realized I spelled it wrong!) In December.