The Ultimate Disney Trip Guide!


Hi! I’m going to Disney in January and just absolutely cannot wait! My neighbor is going on Halloween so I talked to him today and gave him some tips. Here there are! PS I also got these tips from other MouseBuzz users.

  1. Always go to Magic Kingdom First! It’s the best park for kids and adults so you dont want to be too tired.

  2. Always go to MGM last! It doesnt have many rides so you can relax and watch a show. You might want to get a hopper pass so if you get bored you can go somewhere else. But I highly dought that!:goofybounce:

  3. Be sure to book some breakfeasts and dinners to go to while youre there. It wil make your stay even the more exciting! Be sure to try to get into Chef Mickey’s Breakfeast and one of the dinners at the Wilderness Lodge.

  4. The Rainforest Cafe is a must do exsperence for your kids! (Beleave me!)

  5. :excl: And the most important!:excl: Be sure to bring a book to get autographs from the characters in! The ones at Disney are kinda Exspensive, and who wouldnt want to get the Characters autographs?:blink:

Hope I helped with anyones vacation! And be sure to look out for The Ultimate Disney Trip guide Volume 2 in Febuary! (or sooner!) If you have any more tips I could use… message me or post a comment! See ya!


:ohmy: What?!?! MGM has a lot of rides!:blink:

Rock N Roller Coaster & Tower of Terror are awesome rides.


my kids didn’t think there were enough rides at MGM - they liked the shows, but did keep asking when we could go on a ride. RnRC was closed and they are waaaay too chicken for ToT!


i thought they shut down rockin rollar coaster because of the guy that died on it? plus MGM has like only 4 rides. i meant not as much as mk, epcot, or ak!


it’s under a refurb right now, but i don’t think its because of a specific reason like that. or else it would have been shut down right away and not a scheduled one. but i could be wrong, it hasn’t happened today…i’m due!


yeah i read that some guy died on it but it was because he road that intense ride and he had a heart deise.


Not many of you read my other tips guide but, heres my new one!
I’ve been to Disney World enough to know some tricks and tips to help you have the best trip ever! First of all… Snacks. you always want to bring snacks! The food they have there isn’t what you would consider “healthy snack food” or “inexpensive” either!:laugh: I’d suggest to bring a granola bar or two (depending on how many and what kind of kids you have):laugh: along. It would fit easily into a mother’s purse. Next, drinks. I’d suggest to bring a few of those little crystal light Lemonade packets along in your purse. Then, when you go to the restaurants or just go to fill up your water bottle you can pour the packets in your drink instead of paying 3 or 4 dollars!:ohmy: Next, the rides! Look out for Volume 3 for… the rides, the resorts and the parks!:happy:


Some of you have already read my first and second guide. Well, heres my third!
Next is the rides. You always need to get fastpass for the rides you want to die to go on! Cause more enlikely… someone else will too! :eek: Also, if you want to ride test track, and you have a big family, go in the single rider line together. Theres not as many people and 90% of the time, you get put together! Next, the parks. Go to magickingdom first… always. It’s the best one. Plus go to mgm last cause youll be really tired and this way you can just relax and watch a show!:happy: In Volume 4… resturaunts and resorts!


I think a lot of that is personal preference. It depends on what’s going on the time of year you visit, the ages in your group, and how many times you’ve been to WDW.

In my case, my family probably spends the least amount of time in the Magic Kingdom. When we go in December, we’re attending MVMCP and we know we’ll get to ride anything we want to ride then, so we only have one short daytime visit planned just to take daylight pictures of the Christmas decorations. We have favorite attractions that we have to do, but have been there enough to skip what doesn’t interest us as much.

Although MGM is a small park, there are things in there that are “must do” for my family, so we’ll go there a few times during our visit. We ride ToT and RnRC as many times as possible, preferably one after another. Star Tours and Muppets are also high on my list and I can do them multiple times. I also try to get in Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and One Man’s Dream once a vacation.

Since we’re going in December, we plan on spending quite a bit of time at Epcot, seeing the Christmas storytellers. Epcot seems to be the park we spend the most time at no matter what time of year we visit.

Animal Kingdom Park is under-estimated, in my opinion. My best tip for that park is to slow down and look around at all the stuff people run past when they’re in a hurry to get to the attractions. It was a couple of years before we ever went down the side paths by the Tree of Life. I’m not talking about the ones that lead to It’s Tough to be a Bug, but rather the ones that lead to the giant tortoises and Capybarra, down by the bottom of the tree. There are beautiful sights at the Animal Kingdom and a lot of them aren’t in plain view, take time to explore.

My favorite tip is to get to a park early, do as many of the popular attractions that you can fit in and leave it at lunchtime when it starts to get crowded. Get a bite to eat, relax at your resort, take a swim or a nap, or do some shopping. Then head back to a park in the late afternoon, just as the people who have been there all day are leaving. We usually go to a different park in the afternoon, just for variety.


I am combining your “trip guides” to one thread. There is no reason to start a new thread for each of your tips. Please keep them all to one thread. Thanks.