The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, 2007


I didn’t notice that this info was posted previously, so I thought I’d let folks know that the The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, 2007 is now available. The reviews are good (again!)

The MSRP is $18.99 but you may purchase it on-line (Amazon, Overstock, etc.) for a discounted price. (Don’t forget to use the Amazon link on the front page of Mousebuzz if you are going to buy it there.)

I love leafing through this book even if I do not have a planned trip.


I did see this, Lopo and agree with you. It is a neat read.


i will be reading it on the way down there later this week…


Thanks lopo. I grabbed mine last week and have already gotten through it…lol I will keep rereading it until my departure day on 10/25…lol


thanks for the info lopo i will buy this book maybe next month.


Can anyone here compare it to the 2006 edition? Any major differences?
I have the 2006 and would like to know if it’s worth getting the 2007 for our December trip.
As always, thanks for your input!


LOL… I checked into this thread to say… what smee said. :laugh: So… any answers?

I’ll go look at it on Wednesday, but I’m into instant gratification! I want to know NOW!!!


Since I’m not plannning on going to WDW anytime soon, I’m getting the DLR unofficial guide! I can’t wait until my mom gets home so I can buy it and read, read, read!! :wub: :mickey:


Okay, I have 2006 and the previous ten or so versions memorized and I’m leaving in 6 days–should I buy the 2007???


What the- I just checked the Disneyland 2007 Guide and they boosted the date up to September 5th. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


Considering 2006 include EE in its touring plans, I don’t know what there would be to update in '07. You all know I love the Guide, but I don’t see any reason to buy the new edition if you have '06.


I love this guide too. I especially love reading the readers comments that they publish. Some of them make me :laugh:

I’d be curious too, to know if the 2007 is updated enough from the 2006 edition to make it worth the money.


I need to go out and get the 2007 as we just decided to go back next December. Why to long to wait without some reading material


i normally get it from the library just before we go but I dont know if htey will have it on time this time.


If you are going in December, I would wait to get the 2008 edition. It will be more relevant with more accurate reviews of new attractions and schedules planned for this year. Since you know it comes out in August, you’ll have plenty of time to use it in planning.


:laugh: :laugh: Thanks Cavey - That’s a great Idea


I know Dana had found some juicy tidbits of new info in hers. I figure the 07 would have more about the Dreams promotion, and kill off the Happiest.


You can read? Thought you just looked at the pictures.
I am picking up my copy this weekend!




…just sayin’…:happy: