The untitled trip report


Sorry, can’t think of a snappy title at the moment.

This is NOT a day by day, moment by moment TR. More of a collection of thoughts as they come back to me.

Resort online checkin

BCV…was so hoping to be the one that gets room number while on Magical express. Not on the bus, not in the lobby, not at breakfast, not green eggs and ham, oops sorry, mind wandered there. We were met at the lobby and told room not ready. Later got text check back at desk. They don’t have a credit card on file. I don’t remember if we did get our room number at that point, but any way, we get a room at some point. Too bad our bands don’t open the door. Trudge back to the lobby. CM did click click on computer and walked to our room to make sure our door opens. She did try blaming it on using old bands. I told her how I now date them as JOJO 15, so I know the yr we got them.

BLT…got text at 9:30, room not quite ready. Ok, we pack up at BCV, move over to BLT thinking room will be ready in a few hrs. Got to BLT at 11, room not ready. Hung around Contemporary and went for boat ride. Checked back. Room not ready. When out to courtyard, got locked out. Got in thru community center. Went to front desk. Was told I got locked out because I didn’t have a room yet. We finally got our room at 4:00. Yes, I know that is the time for checkin, but don’t tell me almost, almost, housekeeping is working, etc, if our room isn’t going to be ready for 6 hrs. And then of course, our bands didn’t open the door. The next day, we tried to use our band to pay for food, hmmm we don’t seem to have charging on it. Back to front desk, I’m told that it’s because we didn’t give them a credit card. In all the trips to the desk, no one noticed. Aside from the fact for both resorts I had done the online checkin and put down a credit card.

Now go back and count how many times I spoke with a front desk CM at both resorts. Not one, NOT ONE said Happy Birthday.

At BCV, later that day I went back and asked for a birthday button and was given one. But it ate at me, that I had to ask for it. The next morning at 6 am, I went down to the lobby and asked if my birthday was noted on the reservation. Yes, it was. I told the CM I was disappointed not getting a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, here’s your 10 cent pin…whoo hoo…”. I didn’t really said the 10 cent part. But I really did think I’d get an acknowledgement at the first check in. A nice greeting to start the trip. The CM said she was sorry no one said anything and then she gave a me Sully and Mike plush toy. We ended up talking for about 20 mins, sharing stories of way back when…

At BLT, after all the issues and no one saying happy birthday, I spoke up. I went downstairs and a CM asked “how can I help you”. I said (exact words) I need to yell at someone, would you like to be yelled at? He got a manager and said “this guest has some concerns”. I replied “good choice of words”. Told the manger this and that, he seemed a bit dismayed at some of the CM responses. Gave us three extra FP for two days and said if I had any other issues to come see him. So we had our three FP that we set and then the three any time for any ride ones. We felt like kids in a candy shop.

Other birthday stuff…
We ate Captains Grille, Cape May (dinner), Trails End and Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace was the only place that mentioned my birthday. Brought a card and small cupcake with a candle. Wasn’t really looking for a cupcake at everyplace, just a “I see you are having a birthday, hope you have a wonderful day” type thing.

Had bunches of CM and a few guests wish happy birthday from seeing my pin. A few CM said happy birthday just from the FP listing.

I’m at disney almost every yr for my birthday, but this one was special and a little emotional. I turned 60 and I was walking around disney under my own power. My sister never made it to 61 and she wouldn’t have made it from small world to Peter Pan without pain. So in some ways it was a celebration of being somewhat healthy and some ways a remembrance of what my sister couldn’t do.


TSA…going down a breeze. We were both chosen for precheck. Short line, left shoes on, stuff left in bags. Coming home, no precheck, both patted down and hands tested. The only metal on my body was the zipper and snap on the jeans. The scanner showed about 5 spots on my body and a few on DH. Woman asked if I was wearing a belt. Yet the guy in front of me took off his belt and was told he could have left it on. Does this make sense?

Curb side check in…best 6 bucks spent on the whole trip. We always dragged our bags into the checkin counter and waited. Previous trip, we had to wait for the counter to even open, so we decided, next trip we are doing curb check in. Got out of shuttle van, walked about 20 ft, handed over the bags, got tags , gave tip and left. 5 mins vs 30 min standing in line doing the kick step shuffle shuffle.


Sorry you didn’t get a better birthday reception. They should have done better!


One really odd thing during the trip…While at Epcot listening to one of the storytellers, a group of men dressed like duck dynasty. Hunting clothes, fake beards, orange vests. There were about a dozen of them. I wanted to leave the area, it made me feeling uneasy. Not used to seeing people in disney wearing hunting clothes.


maybe it was Duck Dynasty- or were they from Canada?.. Hope you had a great birthday! Oh- and I always do curbside check in at the airport-rarely a line and you’re in like Flynn in 5 minutes… learned that trick a while back, and then I didn’t fly…


Jo Jo, same thing happened to me! It was for our 28th wedding anniversary. I called and told them prior to arriving. Confirmed later and they said it wasn’t on my reservation. Odd…so I asked them to add again. We finally get there and no buttons. I had to ask for them. We got acknowledgement from everyone we saw, which was fun, but ZERO from resort and the couple of restaurant reservations. Nothing! Nada! And, I’m with you, just a little acknowledgment would have gone a long way.


double post


Yes, yes, and yes.

With BLT I was irked that with no charging and being locked out of resort, the CM acted like “you silly goose, it’s all your fault, why are you unhappy”. When I spoke with the manager, I mentioned all the above and the fact that disney is fast enough to take our money and paying for service that we aren’t getting. And adding no happy birthdays just put it over the top.



We did not go on pirates. I had heard that some people were getting soaked and we didn’t want to be one of them. We did go to the gift shop to watch people coming off. Didn’t see any “soaked” people but did see a few with much more than a splash or two of water. We decided to wait until warmer temp to take the chance.

Same thing with splash mountain, we KNOW we can get very wet and don’t go on during cooler temps.

But between the FP+ and the rides we chose to go on, we did ok. Granted we didn’t chose all the high demand rides, but a few rides like runaway railroad we went several times with 5 min waits.

Buzz light yr seem to have issues with getting wait times correct. Once is said 20 mins but the line was snaked a few loops outside and then inside. The FP line (which we had) was about 10 mins. We saw this several times.

We used a FP for Lion King. About 20 mins before the show, there were more people in the FP line than in the standby line.

We saw the frozen sing along. I told DH I’d like to see it once. I expect to be seated with 200 little girls screaming at the top of their lungs… LLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT IIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". But it’s a cute show. You do hear some kid singing but not really loud. They tell the story of the movie in a fun way with lots of little jokes. I’m guessing there are about 6 songs. DH liked it enough, we went again.


Watch those receipts…

 We ate at Trails End.   When first seated, the server asked if we had any discounts or dining plan.  We told her we had AP, Visa, and DVC.  She scanned my band. ok.  ordered drinks, got food.  She stopped back asked if everything was ok and left.  At that time we had dirty dishes on the table, why she didn't pick them up, I don't know.   Anyway, another server picked up dishes, but we never saw her again.  DH was drinking coffee.  He got one cup and never got a refill all though the meal.  He was now eating dessert and still no refills.   I had wanted just water with meal, but coffee with dessert.  I'm sitting with an untouched plate of dessert waiting for her to show up, so I could get coffee.   At this point,I went and asked for  manager.  After waiting  2 or 3 mins, we started talking and at that point the server shows up at table.  Manager said he would speak with her.  After a few mins, manager came by said he would take off 20% bill and if we wanted to take any desserts with us,  ask the server for a box.  The server came by a min later and brought coffee, a few mins after that came back with more coffee and asked if there was anything else.  We said no and she brought the bill.   We paid. We didn't take any desserts with us because we were planning on walking around FW and didn't want to deal with a box.   Yesterday I was looking at the detailed bill you get when you check out.  We were charged twice.   I'm guessing the first time she scanned my band and then when she actually gave us the 20% discounted bill.    By the way, we only got the 20%, not the 10% AP on top of that.  Just in case any one was wondering.   I called disney and they had no issues, taking off the first charge.


I love seeing a trip report. :slight_smile: I’m sorry no one acknowledged your birthday when you checked in! That’s just crap and I’d be upset too.

I’ve heard the boats on Pirates aren’t designed for Disney World’s version of it, but rather Disneyland’s so they’re soaking everyone in the front rows. I hope they change it back before I get down there because I can’t stand getting wet!


So glad you posted. I was going to stop writing.



Mexico CS… We got nachos. Maybe the best plate of nachos we ever got at WDW. Usually it a paper bowl of chips with some stuff on top. First 8 chips are loaded and the rest just chips. This was some what layered…chips, stuff, chips, stuff. Still some dry chips here and there, but we were very happy with it. DH and I shared and was full. We saw kids like 10 ish and was wondering how far they would get with their plates. No, I wasn’t going to ask for leftovers. Just curious if half a plate got tossed or if a kid can really eat the whole thing.

Ice cream…we had gotten cones from the crepe kiosk at France before and loved them. Got them one day (swirl please) and was great. Went back another day and after waiting in line for 10 mins, find out no chocolate. Booooo Went to the kiosk by American and got some awful stuff they called ice cream. I think it’s .0000000001% butterfat. It was awful. I couldn’t eat it Not that it was bad like it would make you sick. But when you are expecting a rich, thick, creamy swirl and you get thin ice milk…yuck. That’s like ordering a milkshake and they bring you a glass of water that the milkshake spoon was stirred in.

So I drowned my sorrows in a pretzel. I do like those with the cheese inside.

Captains grill breakfast. First day there we got in about 9:30 am, went over to Captains grills. No ADR, didn’t want to take a chance with planes being late. It was really really busy. Was told 25 -30 min wait. Turned out to be about a 45 -50 min wait. Was getting concerned we’d get seated and the buffet would be close up in 5 mins. But all was well. Was still able to stuff ourselves silly. Food was good. One odd thing. No syrup on the buffet. You have to ask for it. Maybe it was making too much of a mess and too much clean up time.

Trail end. Food choices has dropped. Last yr there was a baked potato bar, baked chicken and pulled pork. None of those this yr. Instead of having one long l shaped line of food, there is now a mirror image set up. Two spots for salads, two spots for chicken, etc. They have one carving station for beef brisket and ham. I think the desserts were a tad better than last yr. Strawberry shortcake was good and that’s the first time I’ve seen that. The soups (chili and tomato basil) were good, but when the pot gets low there must be an automatic shutoff for the warmer. First bowl was great, second bowl (from an almost empty pot) was room temp. Still a great deal as far as disney prices. We were staying at BLT when we went and that was great, a 15 min boat ride. But I don’t think I spend the travel time if I was at another resort.

Cape May dinner…Ask DH. He enjoyed it. It’s ok for me. I get about 6 things twice over and I’m done. Not a seafood, fancy cheese, fancy salad person. Meat, potatoes, string beans is more my style.

Crystal palace. First time for breakfast. Loved it, loved it, loved it. We had omelets made. The breakfast lasagna did not look appealing to me at all. I had the puff french toast which I covered with strawberry sauce. The cheese danish actually taste like cheese danish. So many times, desserts look amazing, but taste like nothing special. So sad I couldn’t stuff more food in. LOL. The server brought me a card and cupcake for my birthday.

Cosmic Rays…good burger, still crazy busy, missed the cheese sauce from the fixing bar.

Electric umbrella…didn’t get food here, just hot chocolate but wanted to mention cashier. Most people were getting food and of course had to wait. Cashier took my order and then about 2 mins later, jumped off her stool, went behind the counter and grabbed two cups for me. So glad I didn’t have to wait for the three orders ahead of me.

But at this point, let me add this…people please please known what you and your family are getting BEFORE you get to cashier. I had to suffer through one family…leettt’sss seeeeeeeeee We’ll have onnnnneeeee chicken nuggets wiiitthhhh , Susie what do you want to drink, there’s milk, juice, soda, water…ok milk…and appples slices…and well make that two chicken nuggets, Tommy what do you want to drink, there’s milk, juice, soda…After all of this teeth pulling, the cashier says “that will be $57.50, please” AT THAT POINT, the father starts looking for a credit card. Did he think it was a magic register that ever 10th customer didn’t have to pay, so he was hoping he was the winner???


I think I have been behind that family every trip… it’s not a surprise that Susie wants a drink… Know before you order… We travel with 7 people… My parents and the 5 of us. Here’s how we order… My dad orders my mom’s and his, and one of us (me or hubby) orders the rest. I have three kids and I know what they drink… They tell me of course before we get up there… then its really simple to order…If my dad tried to remember 7 orders, someone would be without french fries- and there would be a meltdown…
I’m still hoping I’ll be the magical winner of a stay in the castle, but I’m not holding my breath!


The best bad family I ever had was after the long drawn out ordering, the mom hands over a gift card. Not enough funds. There has to be,run it again. And again. After about 5 mins, the mom says “oh that’s right Susie used it to buy ice cream yesterday” Grrrrr

Let’s see, what’s left…

Rooms…We stayed 6 nights at BCV. Room was fine, on fifth floor but not a view of fireworks. Everything worked, nothing fell off the wall and no live critters or dead critters for that matter. But we love love being able to walk to Epcot. A few nights we walked into Epcot at 9:20 just for the fireworks and was home again by 10. To get to DHS, we did take a boat. In the past, we have walked but DH knees are bothering him now.

      For the second half, we stayed at BLT for 4 night.  We were on the third floor standard view, but we could see the castle which means we could watch fireworks right from out balcony. whoo hoo  Again everything seem fine in the room.  We did have some very friendly neighbors.  So friendly they stuck their heads around the divider on the balcony to say hi. Yikes.  DH had finished his shower and I said I'm going out on balcony, stay by bathroom so I can open the drapes and go out.  I go out and there for two heads poking around the divider.  Again love being able to walk to a park.


That walking to a park is fabulous! I have only done it from Chef Mickeys to the MK… but I did stay at the Poly and took the boat over- it was fabulous… Being close makes all the difference… Glad it was a good trip-even with your friendly neighbors.


Entertainment in Epcot

We saw the flag act in Italy. Not impressed at all. I think the color guard in my children’s high school did a better job.

A group in England called “Quick Step”. I thought it would be a dance show like river dance. No, it’s four people playing English folk music. It was fine, just not what I expected. Four people who are dressed just like any other guest, jeans, t shirt, flannel, etc. walk out and stand by one of the shops and start playing. No neato outfits that yell “I work at disney”. It is so understated, that the first day, a whole bunch of guests including us were wandering around England trying to figure out where this quick step act was.

Morocco has a band. I thought it was a music/story time thing, I was wrong. I sat about 4 ft from stage. After the first two notes, I jumped up and ran away. I couldn’t believe how loud it was. We walked to Japan and they had a story teller, but I couldn’t hear some of the story, the music from Morocco was so loud.

We did see most of the Christmas storytellers. Father Christmas is wonderful. The story from Norway is funny.


We no longer do rope drop to closing, so being able to get back to the room in 20 mins is important. Our days are mostly rope drop, leave about 2, back to resort until 5 or 6 and then back to park until 9 ish. If we had to build in waiting for bus and travel time back and forth, we wouldn’t have much rest time.


Oh I can’t stand that family that can’t do anything quickly. I always want to just answer for them. “Susie wants juice and Tommy wants water.” Not what they really wanted? Then they should have figured it out before it was time to order!


For those reading my trip report, I’m really not as dumb as I sound. I look back and see I put down the wrong word, left out a letter,only write half a thought… I can’t believe I missed all those mistakes the first time. So please try to read between the lines and perhaps my brain will work a bit better.


Jo-Jo… No worries… I can’t remember my kids names this time of year- I have two boys and I switch their names all the time. They are 13 and 4- I should not get them confused at all…Thanks for writing about your trip.