The vacation before the college program!


We left this morning to begin my 3 month journey in Disney. My family has decided to do a vacation before I go in so they have come along for the ride. The drive down consists of Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister and me! We left Burlington at around 3ish and go to the border around 4. I slept the entire ride pretty much and at the moment we are in South Carolina and we are planning on getting up and leaving around 9 or 10.

here is the link to my blog which should cover most of my journey and vacation this summer. :laugh:

the magic the memories and me


Welcome to SC. How far into the state did you make it.


Orangeburg I believe!!


Where will you be working ? So exciting!


I am so happy for you. DD1 had a sorority sister work at the world. It was very cool to meet here there when we visited.

Congrats, I can’t wait to watch your adventure.



I don’t know where I will be working until next Wednesday after my Disney Traditions class, but don’t worry I will keep you updated!


have fun and enjoy yourself…


Have a great time, this is going to be an incredible experience. I can’t wait to hear all!!


Will you be in “school” or go right to the parks? We are there until the 21st, maybe we’ll see you. :slight_smile:


Have a wonderful adventure!:happy:


I can’t wait to hear all about your time there… post when you can! :mickey:


Just parks for me!! and maybe! Once I find out where I am working I will be sure to be posting it :smiley:


Have a great time my dd did it and she loved it.hard work but she said she learned a lot.


totally going to stalk you when i am there in june!!!


ok not stalk… but if you see a crazy lady with 3 kids waving at you and yelling ,ousebuzz, that’s me!


Have a magical time and make lots of memories! I’ll be following your blog :slight_smile:


My new Director just gave all his direct reports the book Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell who was a force behind some of the Disney parks for some years. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to know the thought process behind the success of WDW.

You should have an exceptional experiance. Working for WDW is still my end game goal for my working life.



I haven’t been on MB for a while and I kind of lost track of time, so I was so shocked to see that you’re on your program already!! That went fast!! :slight_smile: I’ll be following your blog - World of Disney! How exciting! I hope you love it! :wub: