The Villas At Disney’s Contemporary Resort


September 9, 2008 at 5:06 pm EST

Paperwork was filed by Disney that officially christens the new north wing of the Contemporary Resort as “The Bay Lake Tower”, and home to the Disney Vacation Club “Villas at Disney’s Contemporary Resort”. A formal announcement should be made within a month, and then sales should begin sometime shortly thereafter. Until that time, you can peruse the paperwork filed by going HERE.

For more details on this project as it becomes available, stay tuned to WDW News Today.


We just bought at AKV and asked about the Contemporary DVC and we were told “we don’t know that it is DVC yet”. Funny, we knew, lol.


This is the third (and I hope final) time that Disney has filed papers on the new building.


Frankly I really hope they stick with the Villas. BLT and Kingdom Tower just doesn’t fit to me.

Funny how CMs have been tight lipped but smiling when you ask about it. Just like when I mentioned to a MS CM that while I KNOW that she could not confirm or deny a rumor I heard about POLY DVC abut had she heard any of the same rumors. She burst out laughing and said it was a good thing it was a phone call and I couldn’t see her face. She said that she had heard the same rumor.

Oh, and the link don’t work. It maybe because you have just a few posts. If you want to send me a PM with it I’ll post it here.


Mike, I thought I was going to read you already had your points lined up.:laugh:


Yep. I’m adding on points there as soon as they start sales. :happy:


I agree, I hate both of those names.


The name is MUCH MUCH better. :mickey:


Yes the Villas is way better than the sandwich and the Towers. As for purchasing points, I don’t know if we ever will for that resort. I will take my chances in a couple years trying to book at 7 months. I read on another message board what the basic makeup of points will be to stay there and it is not worth it for us to stay there on a regular basis.

When the time comes for us that we can afford to add on, we will either add on at VWL(home resort) or AKV or one of the other older resorts


Oh man, if the sales start soon its gonna be hard to resist!


I agree, we all like the Contemporary, that would be so cool.


The rumors on the street are saying sales will start within weeks of the end of the current incentive on Sept 20, but I don’t know. I think they probably will start sales in the 4th quarter of this year.


Will you marry me? I can’t believe how much you have invested in Disney and how many times you’re going there next year. I am going to leave my un-Disney husband and spend my vacations with you :laugh:


And just the other day somebody was suggesting a Disney Dating Site. :ohmy: :laugh:


My DW was initially not as fond of Disney as I was. However, she has come around and now looks forward to our trips just as much as me. She likes the fine dining and relaxing at the resort. She now is happy that we are DVC members!