The Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade


The Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade airs Dec. 25, 10 a.m.-Noon Eastern time on ABC-TV.

A Dec. 25 tradition, The Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade again brings the magic of Walt Disney World Resort at holidaytime into the homes of millions of ABC-TV viewers. Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa host the festivities, which feature a variety of celebrity appearances and musical performances.
Front and center is the parade itself, which showcases favorite Disney characters as it makes its way down Main Street, U.S.A. This year’s program will feature parade elements from both Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland in California – a fitting tribute during the “Happiest Celebration on Earth” honoring 50 years of Disney parks that began with the opening of Disneyland.


I can’t wait! Watching the parade is always a tradition for me and my family on Christmas, and one of my favorites. I love seeing all the characters. Any idea who will be performing this year?


I can’t wait! I think my kiddos will really like it because they have now been there and they can say “hey I remember that!”.


The parade is awesome!!!


I can’t wait!


Well I remember someone on here saying they saw Brian Stetser and Vanessa Williams the day they went to the taping.


Six more days!!


I’ve got it set to record already! I can’t wait!!!


oooooooh yes!!! Thanks for the reminder…I always catch it halfway through because I get to distracted by all the wrapping paper LOL


I love the parade!!!

We always tear through the gifts, then curl up on the couch with a piece of my mothers wonderful coffee cake and a big cup of coffee, and take in all the magical Disney Christmas fun!!


Yes, we saw Vanessa Williams, and some guy we didn’t recognize, it was not Brian Setzer, though, we know that stray cat.


So today at the MK, we started having the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas parade instead of Share a Dream Come True. It was a very cute parade. While I was doing crowd control, this little girl came up to me and asked if Allie and AJ were going to be in the parade. I told her this parade didn’t have any celebrities other than characters and she was so disappointed. She said she thought it was the Christmas parade and they were supposed to be there. I felt bad for her because she was so excited to see them.


Wonder how she did once the parade got under way? I bet she forgot all about what’s their names… :heart:


Oh yea. We’re finished opening gifts waaaaaay before the 10 am start of the WDW Christmas parade. It’s a family tradition to watch this, and then watch Christmas Story about 10 times… :biggrin:


We always watch the Christmas Parade too… Usually we can’t be there during Christmas… but we go early to see all the decorations… See the Ginger bread house in GF oh it was great…


This year will be bittersweet watching it because My sister ( who passed away )who was also a disney fan and I always watched it together


Hey Tiglov71,
I’ll be watching it with you!



(((((((((((((((((((Michael ))))))))))))))) ( seriously wish we had a hug smilie right now )


Cheryl, I am sorry… I do not know how you feel loosing your Sis, I still have mine… but she is not a Disney Fan… But My Daughter was a GREAT Disney Fan and she would be(in spirit will be)watching it with me… She has been gone now 11 years.