The Walt Disney World Railroad


Is anyone else as enchanted by it as I am? The WDW Railroad is perfect, from the names of the trains to the detail at the Main St. and Frontierland Stations. Trains were such a huge part of Walt Disney’s life, a love that was formed early on in his childhood in the midwest.

In fact, when Walt was planning Disneyland, one of his requirements is that it be “surrounded by a train”. And we’ve all seen the pictures and read about the miniature railroad he had in the backyard of his California home.

Does anyone else look forward to spending time on this often overlooked attraction?


I do!!! I like to go on the train in the afternoon…sort of a break. I just like that it goes around MK and gives a little mini tour of the lands. It’s a great place to relax and still be on a ride AND they don’t make you get off anywhere…I can stay as long as I want:)


The railroad holds many fond memories for us. It was such a surprise to us on our first visit, now it is an absolute must. We ride the steam train many, many times each visit to the Magic Kingdom!


oh yes Ingamba, we adore the railroad. We only discovered it really on our 3rd trip to WDW…how we missed it i’ll ever know! :huh: but we did!
Now we make certain to put it on our list of ‘must do’s’. Not only is it a great ride it is also fantastic for a relax!!!
our favorite station is the Main Street station. Just watching all the people too-ing and fro-ing at the gates and then having the castle to the other side is just superb.


I thought everyone around Christmas time sets up their miniture MK with the train going around it and the Monorail servicing the MK from the Contempory, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, and Ticket and Transportation. You mean I’am the only one?!!! Joe


I gotta say I’m a fan of the WDW Railroad. I liked it better BEFORE my Dad pushing a stroller days though… :laugh: We normally park the stroller and just do a round the park tour…

One of the funniest things about the WDW Railroad that I remember is when they were building Splash Mountain. Because the track actually goes through SM, for a time, the train couldn’t make the circle around the park. So when it got to the Frontierland station, it would off load and reload and then go back to Main St Station in reverse. Does anybody else remember this?

I also loved the Mickey’s Birthdayland song…back when Toontown was Mickey’s Birthdayland…


I love the train!! Such a nice way to sit and relax, and still see Disney.

When my little brother was about 4, he was OBSESSED with trains. So one day, we literally rode the train about 15 times. To be honest, that trip, I grew to hate the train. But it’s fun now.


I love the train!!! It’s so much fun!!!

All aboard!!


OOOhhhh! YES! It’s actually my first memory of Disneyland from when I was 3 years old, I remember the whole Grand Canyon diorama and everything.
It’s our tradition now that the VERY VERY first thing we do when we get to the park is go all around it on the train.


I LOVE riding on the train. There is nothing better on a brutally hot Florida afternoon then boarding the train in Frontierland and taking it around, and around, and around… ahhh, it is SUCH a welcome attraction when exhausted in the MK. The breeze blows on your face, the chuggers on the tracks are so relaxing, oh oh oh and hearing “if you listen closely you just might here her… Haaavveee you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moooooonnnn…?” OVER and OVER again, hehe!!! I LOVE it!!!

Being on the train is such a nice “quiet time” for people watching, listening, and just thinking.

I HATE getting off, hehe!


I have missed out on that train the past few years.
I am going to make it a point to check it out this trip.


Same here, Kippage!! We did the train EVERY TIME we went to the MK. Sometimes many, many times. I never really shared his enthusiasm, and when I was younger all I wanted to do was go do the Peter Pan ride again, so I wasn’t so big on the train. But we went on it again last trip after a pretty long break (my brother’s more into conquering mountains multiple times now), and it was soooo nice! Very relaxing. Now I’ll be the one requesting it.

By the way, does anyone else like that cheesy song they play when you get back in the woods?? It always makes me want to dance in my seat. :laugh:


The train is great! We did the “Magic Behind the Steam Trains” tour Christmas 04, OUTSTANDING. If you like the trains you will love the tour!


We love the train as well. DS is really into them :wub: We thought about doing this tour this past trip, but I don’t think my children were not old enough, I think the minimum age was 8 or 10??? Also I think it ran for about 3 hours, too long for a 3 and 5 year old! :pinch: Glad to know someone has tried it and thought it to be outstanding.


I think the age limited is 14 or 16. Agree this NOT the tour for a 3 & 5 yo

Too bad it’s outstanding tour


I thought the train was LAME until our last trip…then I sat down and didn’t want to get off until 9 hours later because my feet were soooo tired.


The kids and I did the train several times while we were there—they (and I) just love it!


I just wish they’d update some of the ‘attractions’ around the train ride. Those old school animatronic things that kinda jerk when they move… ehhhhhh.


I love everything about that train and always feel that much happier when I get to go on it…of course on a full round trip around the mk…there are so many little details like deer in the woods, alligators by the swampy part, and who can forget the cool narrator descriptions and those songs…the adventureland one is my favorite…


I should take the tour sometime. My foster Dad loved trains and railroads. (He actually co-owned his own railroad car too!)