The wand is back up!


It looks like they just wanted to move it.


Ha-ha!! You fooled me. I was thinking “I just was reading the Girl’s Trip TR and I remember distinctly that the wand wasn’t there”!!


Funny pic. You really got me too.


:laugh: Ha, Ha… you almost fooled us…:wink:


Ditto! :laugh: Nice pic.


You got me too… Nice picture


HA-HA . . . I was just thinking WHAT?? I was just there in July and it was half down and last weekend it was ALL DOWN!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Gosh, I really hope they DO NOT put it over the castle . . . imagine that? YUCK! :blow:


Haha…very good!


You almost got me. When I saw it I said to myself, “no way!” Then I took a close look at the picture. :laugh:


hahaha, got me too.


Why would you put a big sign over the castle that says “Epcot”?


Good one :laugh:

And Soundgod, good point there, sir…


cool pic- naughty joke! LOL!


Did you think you could get us. you almost did


the edit to his original quote must have changed it to MK. pretty good joke.


Very funny!:laugh:


I never looked at the picture until after I hit post.


You’ve officially been Punked!
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


LOL…man, I saw the title of the thread and I was like…


I couldn’t be happier with the old school version back!!


Well, the picture is a fake, and I’m sure if they did it they would change the name . . . I was just thinking how bad it would look if they did that to the castle!!!

When I was there last weekend, the whole wand was down and SPACESHIP earth looked AWESOME! My DD7 was upset . . . but I liked it!!