The Wave


I had to get on here before heading out to the parks to say that we loved The Wave. We had reservations at an Epcot restaurant, but we were in the MK and didn’t want to travel so far. The Wave was the only place that could accomadate 11 people so we went for it. All 11 people loved their food. The beef tenderloin was great and we had great service. Other had the pork tendrloin and liked it as well. I know that many people have given The Wave bad reviews, but it was one of our best meals so far!


Very happy that you had a great meal.

We have been twice after hearing all of the good comments before our last trip. Both times Wave was nothing to write home about. Figured the first time was just an off night. The second time was for apps and drinks at the end of the night. They found a way to mess those up worse than the dinner a week earlier.

I might have to try it again.


Thanks for posting this, when I make my ressies this will be one that I was thinking about booking, I heard bad reviews but I think it was mostly about bad service. Good to know the food is good!!


Glad you all enjoyed your meal! It’s hard to please 11 people!

I think I had the best dessert I ever ate at The Wave. The Creamy Sensation! Wow it was good! I have to admit we didn’t enjoy the rest of the meal so much. I had the pork tenderloin, which was good, but didn’t really float my boat. I found the menu rather limited… Maybe if they revamped it… The service, however, was wonderful and I do like the contemporary look and feel of the restaurant.