The "While We're There" last minute spring break weekend getaway TR


Cast: Me and DGF

We found out a few months back that one of our favorite bands, “Yellowcard” was just about to release their new album after a 3 year hiatus. Turns out, they were getting ready to “tour” as well and the closest stop to us on their Spring tour happened to be at the HOB DD. We were really stoked so I snatched up a couple of pre-sale tickets and we marked 04/01/11 on the calendar.

The Sunday before the show it dawned upon me that Mackenzie didn’t have anything planned at all during her coveted “week off” from the sweet and respectful 8th graders that she has the pleasure of dealing with week in and week out (note the sarcasm) so I went ahead and jumped online to check out some rates, availability and such. The rates were looking good with the AP discount so I threw it out into the wind: “Mackenzie, wanna get a room for a couple of nights at WDW so we don’t have to drive all the way back from Orlando Fri night?”

She laughed and “apparently” she was thinking the same thing lol.

Now, we usually stay at POR or POFQ for occasions such as this and while I love both of the resorts (the overall ambiance, restaurant, counter service, the pools, etc…) the one thing that can be a pain is that fact that they don’t have King beds… only doubles… which makes for a tight squeeze at night for the both of us.

CBR is one of two Mod’s that has King beds and like I said, the rates were great so I pulled the trigger! Next I booked our ADR’s online and we were good to go…

Let me tell you, Friday seemed like forever…

Tues rolls around so I check us in online after receiving that email from Disney. Very cool… Now, we are set…

Finally, Friday arrives so we pack up the clothing, snacks, Champaign, wine, beer, my redbull (VERY IMPORTANT - breakfast) and other necessities, and we head out about 12:30pm. After a couple of stops, we finally arrived at the front gate of the CBR around 2pm and we headed on over to the “Custom House” for check in.

It was a total breeze… And speaking of which, what a beautiful day! It was blue skies and 70’s with the lows in 60’s. Pretty darn close to perfect IMO.

Anyways, there was 0 line for the online check in and we had no problem with the 2pm arrival whatsoever. I think the cast member said 3 words to me after I gave her my name. In fact, I had to ask her to point out where our building was on the map. Guess she figured we’re experts lol.

We get to our room and it was nice. The bright & colorful Nemo comforter is not really my thing but overall, it was a nice room.


We unpacked our stuff, made mimosas in the two thermoses we brought and we headed out to the pool to start the weekend off right.


After a couple of hours, we headed back to the room to shower, dress and then we headed on over to Shutters for our 5pm ADR.

It was DEAD!

They gave us our leis, we did the limbo and we were seated at a corner table.

Once we were settled in, we started off with some sangria, we tried the lettuce wraps for two, and then we shared the short ribs entree that I think were on special.

The food itself was serviceable. Not fantastic nor memorable by any stretch and I would never go out of my way to eat there again. We tried it and now we know.

I think Shutters is perfect if you can’t get a ressie any where else or if you just don’t feel like leaving the resort. But I definitely would skip it if you can eat somewhere else…


After dinner, we drove to Downtown Disney, which is right around the corner, and then we headed towards the HOB. As we walked down the path between Bongo’s and the restrooms, we encountered a line. A Very. Long. Line.

And yes, it’s THE line to get into the Show.

In fact, we had to take a right and we headed a lot closer to the Hot Air Balloon then we would have liked just to find our place in line. After about 30 minutes, we finally walked into the sold out punk rock show.


And what a show it was! They were amazing…

After Yellowcard left the stage, “All Time Low”, the headliner, was ready to play. We listened to a few of their songs but their music is not my style so we finished up our drinks and headed back to the room.


We grabbed some beers (in the plastic Dixie cups of course) and walked downstairs to enjoy the Hammocks on the beach.

It was a gorgeous evening, the moon was beautiful and the stars were fantastic. After a while, we moseyed on back to the room and called it a night at around 1am.


Well HELLO Stitch and Mickey! :eek:

7am arrives a couple of hours too early, if you know what I mean, sooooo we get our “stuff” together and we make our way over to HS to enjoy the EMH.

Actually, the only reason we were up this early is because of the insane line that Toy Story Mania boasts on an average basis. Anything more than 30 minutes (sometimes 40 depending on the ride) is out for the both of us and the FP go VERY quickly, so this is usually the only chance we have to go on the ride.


We made it to Toy Story Mania at around 8:15am (after parking in the AAA Diamond area, security, gate, and the hike), grabed our fast passes, and we walked on over to the line. I looked up to see how long the line would be and its a 30 min wait… Wow! 8:15am and its already a 30 minute line!


The line moves rather quickly, we make our way past Mr Potato head, and something very cool & magical happens!

To be continued…

BTW does anyone know, if it’s possible, how to create spaces between the photos?


Great TR! I can’t wait to hear what magical thing happened for you. :happy:


Great trip report, can’t wait to find out what happened.


Sounds like an awesome trip so far. Great pics!! Can’t wait to read more…


Where did you go??? I want to know what happened!!!


Fun TR!!! :happy: Keep it coming!


Love the photos and the TR- more please!


Looking forward to more! Great TR so far!


LOL thank you everyone! :blush:

Well, we grabbed our 3D glasses and we also noticed how “thick” the line was. It had to be at least an additional 20 minute wait at this point. So as we inched towards the cast member, she directs the group of 7 in front of us to that very thick line to the left. We approached her and she asks “how many”? We tell her “two” and she tells us to walk through the gate to the right.


Errrrrr, did I hear her correctly? There is no line in that area and she didn’t grab a fast pass from us either (because our fast passes were for Noon or so). I look at Mackenzie, she looks at me, so we both shrug our shoulders as we walked through said gate all the way down the ramp to the cast member directing folks onto the ride.

Holy smokes! We skipped the entire line! :eek:

As we boarded our “car” I noticed another couple walking down that same ramp. Perhaps it’s a special line for “deuces”??? It definitely wasn’t a line for “disabled” folks because they were located in the “long” line along with larger parties and Parents w/strollers. This had never happened to us before so maybe Disney is trying something else out to make the lines mover quicker?

Either way that was awesome!

You know what was even better than that??? Me kicking Mackenzie’s booty on Toy Story Midway Mania!! You see, up until this point, we were “tied”. And boy was the smack talk flying outta her mouth! But in the end, all that matters were the TOTAL points… and I beat her 314,000 and change compared to her measly 210,000 and change. :cool:

Out right whoopin I tell ya! LOL

Naturally the excuses were a flowin’ such as “it’s too early in the morning…” “I can’t function without my tea.” Blah blah blah. So the challenge was on, again, at Noon when we would cash in our FPs.


At this point, it was around 8:45am so we headed on over to the Starring Rolls Café (next to Hollywood Brown Derby) just so Mackenzie could get her tea and breakfast (I was good w/my second sugar free Red Bull lol).

Once she finished up, we strolled on over to the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. The park was already open to the public and at 9:10am, the ride had a 40 minute wait.

Yep, that’s right… A 40 minute wait at 9:10am.

Without missing a beat, we headed straight for the single rider line and we waited maybe 10 minutes. Right when we approached the cast member, he directed Mackenzie to line 11 and he directed me and the kid behind me to line 12. I asked the kid if he wouldn’t mind taking Mackenzie’s spot in the seat in front of us and he gladly made the switch so we could sit together. Nice…

Love this ride BTW.


Fun TR! My husband went to high school with a few of the guys in Yellowcard…I remember them playing local gigs back in the day. Always a little surreal to hear them on the radio or see 'em on TV!


Next, we headed on over to the Animation Courtyard which was fairly empty. We walked inside the building and saw that there were 0 people waiting in the small waiting area for the “Animation Academy”. We walked up and the cast member indicated that there was a about a 10 minute wait until the next show.

Within 5 minutes, quite a few people showed up and when the doors opened to the room, we all filed into the room which ended up being about 3/4 filled.

The Disney animator introduced himself, talked about the “rules” (actually he went on and on and on about how not to draw on the desk, etc…) and then he finally decided to choose the character we were all going to draw. After some himming and hawing, he decided on the Donald!

Mackenzie is good at this!

She really has some talent…

And, NOBODY would ever confuse me for a sketch artist. In fact, if I do doodle (very rare), its pretty much all stick figures. And bad ones at that! But the class is a LOT of fun and I would do it again in a heart beat.