The who's going to Disney thread


Greetings Mousebuzzers! The who’s going to Disney thread torch has been passed once again. I will be taking it back over. Disney Teacher has been doing it for over two years, so it’s my turn again. I have just closed the other thread and have made this the new “sticky”

Please post your trip in the following format, so I can just cut and paste it

Dana (2/10 - 2/12) Dolphin

If you do not see your name and trip information on the list, please just post it again for me and I will get it up for you.

[B]------------September 2014------------[/B]
Boss (9/1 - 9/5) GFV
bethishooked (9/7 - 9/10) BLT
Kravitz until 9/6 - SOG
Praisegirl until 9/8 CR
Dac921 (9/6 - 9/12) CSR

[B]------------October 2014------------[/B]
Goodegirl2007 (10/2 - 10/10) BWV
zoomaster (10/18 - 10/25) AS Music
Holly (10/19 - 10/26) GF or BWI
Rlarmichael 10/22 - 10/26 OKW
Willbegone (10/30 - 11/4) PC

[B]------------November 2014------------[/B]
Willbegone until 11/4
Dana (11/6 - 11/20) Yacht Club, Movies and Coronado
Huakai (11/27 - 12/7) OKW

[B]------------December 2014------------[/B]
KingOMiami (12/1 - 12/4) WLV
jo-jo (12/3 - 12/9) BLT (12/9 - 12/11) SSR
rlcarmichael (12/5 - 12/7) BLT
timsha (12/6 - 12/13) BC
Huakai until 12/7
[B]---------------January 2017-----------------[/B]
Lurk (1/2 - 1/10)


Fantastic. thanks Dana

Dopey (12/1 - 12/10, 2012) OKW


YAY!! Glad to see you here again. I am booked for Pop from Feb. 22-24. Can you please add me, Thanks!!


25th wedding anniversary trip! So far (plan on extending it once my 7 month window opens for AKV:

Bethishooked (9/9 - 9/14) BLT


NJMommy (7/7 - 7/14) Port Orleans French Quarter


DD’s 12th birthday on 12/12/12!!!
Michelle in Memphis (12-9/12-15) Art of Animation


Yankeevttch (May 6-9) POR


FireAngel(FA) (08/18-08/25) Wyndham Bonnet Creek


DisneyonMyMind (2/12/12 - 2/17/12) BCV


Updates are done. Please check my work and let me know if I have messed up.

Now, don’t know how many of you remember how run this thread or not, so let me explain how I update it.

I will post in this thread that the updates are done. If I haven’t posted, it’s because I haven’t had a minute to do it, but I am normally very quick with updates. Please check to make sure I added you and correct me if I am wrong.

Finally please, please post your trip in the right format so I can update as fast as possible.

format = yourname (month/day - month/day) Resort name

Thank you :)))


You put me in December instead of February


:laugh::laugh::laugh: my bad…lol


I’m so excited about going…I would hate to have to wait until December


Whoa. Dana and I are going on the same dates…


oOOOH, I see a meet & greet in your future :ph34r:


bransworld (March 4 - March 8) Gaylord Palms
bransworld (June 3 - June 8) AKL Jambo House


hanwill (3/2-3/11) AS Sports/POR


I saw that…you should come to Art of Animation and have a few adult beverages with me!

Updates are done. Check my work kids…


Please put us down for:

Mrsmouse (7/02 - 7/06) Animal Kingdom - Kidani Village

We are celebrating my birthday, the 4th of July Holiday, our 32 year Anniversary and our grandaughter’s 4th birthday. This trip will be her birthday present. Mommy and daddy will be home with the new arrival coming in May.


Goofballorama & Turnwrench (3/20-3/27) Coronado & Fantasy

Mhmm. I can’t even explain my excitement right now, guys.