The who's going to Disney thread


Updates are done!


Add me for Nov. 22-30, 2013 Resort TBD


Just booked a long weekend!

bethishooked (4/13-4/16) AKV Jambo


We’ll be hitting the World sometime April for Pam’s F&G fix, but we have not narrowed the dates. Sso until then, we are tripless according to MB. Oh the pain.:laugh:


March pop century (01 - 10)


Tripless:ohmy: For shame!


All updates are done!


Tell me about it. Rough plans are to be there in a SHORT 6 weeks but I cannot lock anything in due to my work schedule. AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!! I keep hearing our AP’s yelling for us to grab them and just go.:laugh:


Call out sick and just go - you only live once!


We’ll be leaving on Sept. 13 - but just spending one night at OKW before going on a cruise, we’ll be back Sept. 21 to Sept. 29 at Kidani Village! Yay!


…sure wish I could post in this thread that I had plans for Disney----nope–probably not for another 2 years or so…

I am green with envy for all of you who go a couple times a year—or even once a year!!! :closedeye


Going in Oct. With the family. We are taking our then to be 16 month DD. Can’t wait. My DH thinks she will be to small but we shall see.


Hi, Holly. Can you tell me your dates please, so I can list you? Thanks.


Oct. 20 till the 27 at the GF, wish it was longer


We are going Oct. 13-19 of 2013. Not sure where we are staying yet.


Updates are done.


Dana, when you have a chance…

Jojo 5/12 - 15(AKV jumbo) 5/15 - 21 (BCV)

yes, I’ll be checking out and you’ll be checking into AKL.


Tomorrow for a 3 day trip planned today around 4PM.

Pam&Rich (3/21-3/24) Ft Wilderness 700 Loop

I gotta be nuts to do this. I am soooooo out of my OCD planning element.


Wow! Now that’s what I call last minute. Have a wonderful time!


It’s an adults only trip. Wonderful it will be.