The who's going to Disney thread


[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1132621]I’m jealous since we are still 10-14 days out. Still haven’t booked a room since our work schedules are still not nailed down.

One good thing is that I looked over the wait times yesterday and they were way down, along with the park closing times from the 2 week easter period. Hope you have low crowds.[/QUOTE]

SSR is only 40% …test track today was 30 minutes at 5:00pm so far crowds are very manageable…you should have the same I HOPE


I’ll be at SSR July 4th & 5th, the Disney Fanstasy July 6th-13th, and OKW July 13th/14th


I will be at AK Sept. 12-15.


We’ll be in the World Sept. 21 to Sept. 29 at Bay Lake Tower.


Pam&Rich (4/23 to 4/28) Wyndham Bonnet Creek


Updates are done :slight_smile:


Goodegirl2007 (10/17 - 10/27) BWV


September 22 for ten nights at french quarters


Updates are done.:heart:


I will be starting my College Program on May 13th and I am so so so so excited. My family and I are leaving here on May 5th and vactioning before I am sentenced to working 24hrs 7 days a week. Best sentencing I could ask for!!


i forgot to add mine. Dana is better than bacon trip takes place at pop june 9th-14th!


Updates are done!


We are going, September 9-12th and staying at Art of Animation


8/5 - 8/9/13 … We are trying to erase our XMAS debacle. I can’t even finish my TR from that. :frown:


Dana, Can you add me June 3rd to June 12th. Wilderness Lodge

Thanks, Sue


I sense a distrubance in the Force. My 6/7-9 trip has been cancelled. :crying:


…uh oh. Double the Dec stay - it’s only fair.


Updates are done.:heart:


Hubby said yesterday he could not wait until January 2014 so I said okay…booked for August 25th-31st at All Star Movies!!



Please add us to the list
KingOMiami (10/7-10/10) OKW

Thank you :slight_smile: