The who's going to Disney thread


Updates are done!


I forgot to list where we’re staying.
SoG / Beach Club


johnkimv (5/24 - 5/27) Saratoga/POFQ


Updates are done.


Kidani & Me (6/27 7/4) SSR


Hey Dana we’re splitting our stay at Beach Club. :wub:


Your not going to want to go back to SoG after the BC.


Sorry about that! All fixed. Updates are done too :slight_smile:


Idk, I wanted to go back after staying at Poly :laugh:


FairyGranmama (10/5 - 10/12) SSR

Saratoga Springs is SSR correct?


[QUOTE=FairyGranmama;1133337]FairyGranmama (10/5 - 10/12) SSR

Saratoga Springs is SSR correct?[/QUOTE]

Yes, that is correct. You are on the list!


Thanks Dana!!!


My pleasure, Ginger :heart:


Dana, can you add me to Sept. 11-15 at AK. Thanks!!


changed your date to 9/11 check in…


Dana can you change my dates to 9/21-9/28 Pop Century? thank you.Just booked with free dining.


Hi Dana,

The resort will most likely change but can you add us at SOG for now. Looks like we have a 2 day overlap.

Pam&Rich (9/27-10/5) SoG


Updates are done. Looks like we have an overlap for sure. We will have try and meet up.


Disneyfan722 (9/8-9/13) All Star Movies


updates are done