The who's going to Disney thread


consider yourself added.


AKL 9/10 thru 9/15 our first time there. :wub:


…Looks like there are quite a few mousebuzzers going to the World in September!!! :happy:


Thanks Dana! We had a rough year, making it better this way!


Hi Dana,
NJMommy 2/14/14 thru 2/23/14 Old Key West


rlcarmichael SSR 8/22-26


POFQ October 26- November 3

WL December 7 - December 14


Would you mind changing our dates to 5/20-5/30. Thanks!


Updates are done. Sorry I fell behind on them.:frown:


We will be there too! 30 days and counting. :goofybounce:


Pleae drop me from 12/11-15. We’re being swept out to sea instead. :laugh:


Trip without the hubby and kids with my BFF!

11/8 - 11/12. POP


KarenWDWCP Boardwalk Inn 10/18-10/21

Short but sweet!


Slist and Mom (11-17 to 11-21) OKW


Sorry, everyone. I must have fell behind on this. Please send me a message if you notice I miss one. Sorry again!


Thanks Dana,

Jo-jo (5/4 -5/10) BLT
(5/10 -5/15) BCV

From May 6 thru the 15 our DS, DDIL and DGS will join us. It’s our DGS’ first visit.:wub:


Hi Dana! Can you add our next trip:

Bethishooked (1/19 - 1/26) BWV/VGF/AKV Jambo

Yes, we will be staying at three resorts!!! It all came about when I was “fiddling” (which I am finding to be dangerous!) and found two nights available at VGF right on a Tuesday and Wednesday night. Grabbed them immediately without even thinking, so of course, did the remainder of the stay at AKV Jambo. Then weeks later, DH asked why we are leaving on a Tuesday, why not add on to the front of the trip. No more VGF left, but found a couple nights at BWV, so grabbed those! Kind of like an adventure, and having three trips all in one!


Goodegirl2007 (6/28 - 7/6) BWV
Goodegirl2007 (10/2 - 10/10) BWV

Hoping to switch to BCV when the booking window opens up…we want to try Beach Club…but will be happy to stay at Boardwalk if it doesn’t work out.

Thanks Dana!


Updates are done.


Please add me on the next update. 6/15/14 to 6/22/14 off property. Thanks!