The who's going to Disney thread


10/18 - 10/29 SSR
(hoping for some VGF time)


Free Dining trip booked 8/25-8/30




Both trips Confirmed:

Oct 29 - Nov 5/6
Dec 3 - 10/11

Both trips off site… just a mere 12 miles away


dates changed…I am now OKW 08/15/2017 for 2 weeks!!! yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee


2 trips:

9/16/17 - 9/23/17

12/2/17 - 12/9/17

Both off-site


Next trip for us is 9/21/17-9/25/17 at Art of Animation. First time to this resort.


Next trip down to WDW will be December 2 - 9. Can not wait.


Heading to Disney celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. 1-20-18 to 1-27-18. One night at Poly and then the rest at AKV Jambo House


DH and I are going Dec 2 to 10. Staying at BLT.

This year we went in May with DS and family. We went on very few rides since we used our FP for the kids to go on more rides. One DGS is only 1 year old. So while big brother (age 5) was going on space mountain with dad, mom could take the little one on a few rides using our FP.

In late Sept, we went with DD and family. Also with little ones. Big kids go on big rides, little one gets double dose using our FP. (cute moment of the trip…2 yr old at small world…waving “hi kids, hi kids”)

This trip, the only sippy cups in sight will belong to other families.


12/9 - 12/11 - ASMu
12/11 - 12/15 BCV


April 19-22, with DD#2 and the school band. They’re doing a half-day workshop at Epcot with some of the Disney musicians where they will perform a song from one of the animated movies then have it set to the actual movie! Pretty exciting! We won’t get to do it like a regular visit (no HS, boo hiss!) but any day at WDW is better than not! She has been to WDW once before but was a little girl and doesn’t remember much so it will be like her first time!


We’re heading back in May 2019. Not sure where yet, most likely another spit stay between SoG (DH’s fav) and either a mod or POP since the girls friends are coming on their dime.
Anyone know how to add dates back to the front page. Last ones there are 2017 from Lurch


Wasn’t Dana previously in charge of that? Maybe it’s a good excuse to ask her to come back and update!


My family, hopefully.


We’re finally going back this June!!! :tada:


Still a long way off, but:
Sept 8 - 16
Dec 8-16


Nine more days for me!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Have a MAGICAL trip!!! ENJOY


Two weeks to go. We are going with DS’s family. DDIL will be 7 months pregnant. DGS are 2 and 6. We have noted the trip is about two weeks late for DGD birthday and 2 weeks early for our 40th anniversary.

Boy, these trips with kids are a lot of work. Slightly terrified of the 2 yr old on the plane since that family got kicked off a few weeks ago. Plan to have lots of m&m s handy. We’ll have a sit and stand stroller which we are bringing and meeting DS at airport. It won’t fit in DS car with the kids and suitcases. At disney we’ll get a wheelchair for DH. If the trip is too much for DDIL we’ll get an EVC for her. And since there are times that DH wants to walk a bit, I think DDIL will get in the chair and DS can push. If the day is too warm for DDIL, she’ll just hang out at the resort and go out in the evening.

We plan on bringing a cooler into the park with soda/water/juice boxes. If it wasn’t for the stroller, we’d never do this. A few snacks for the kids, but mostly liquid… That only would save about $30 a day.

Didn’t mean for this to turn into a pretrip report, but who wants to hear the rest of the plans???