The who's not going to Disney thread?


US !:crying:

Everytime I post this shortly after we end up booking a trip. Lets see if it works.:whistling

Support group below.


CC – that is a great lucky charm! I hope it works for you!


This has worked for several other members, I hope it works for you.


Were not going until hopefully next year and we too could use some luck and maybe get there sooner :frown::frown:


Well our trip is booked, but some recent issues with the IRS screwing up our tax refund could throw a wrench in the whole thing. :crying: Im refusing to believe that we will have to cancel…keeping my chin up for the moment.

But who knows…I could be joining you in this category if things keep going the way they are. :dry:


Things are rough. I have a secure job but we are getting furlough time off. Two days a month. Thats alot!


we’re not. DH is having roto cuff surgery Mar. 6, so we’ll be out of commission (doing therapy) for awhile. no vacations planned for this year.


not me…just got back and have no trip planned any time soon.:frown:


I’m not going anytime soon :crying: Next time won’t be til summer 2010 if that soon. The Dave is being a real stinker pants about the whole " 7 Disney trips in 5 years" thing.


I’m on my 20 year anniversary at work. Every 5 years we get 2 bonus weeks of vacation. I have six weeks this year and will not be going. It gets better my wife and son ARE going in December while I get to stay home and take care of our puppies. How is this fair !!!


Oh man,thats not fair. Well, I hope they have fun anyway.


We are definitely not going this year. THe economy has hit us hard with DW losing her job. I have to live vicariouly through those of you who get to go.


Well we are not alone I can see. We will have to feed off of others trip reports.


Not me:crying: But on the bright side, if I’m able to go Full Sail U in a year and a half, it’s next to Disney World!! :biggrin::tongue:


Not this year. We are planning to go in July 2010.


I think that boy needs a talkin’-to! :dry: I’ll be on the next flight out!



I think we may try for 2010.


We are goin in May and June this year. No theme parks in June though,well maybe a water park. These trips were planned last year. We just like to go and chill at the resort and not neccessarily spend alot of time at the parks. We like getting away from the daily rat race of saily life. As much as I love the parks,just getting away from our “normal” daily lfe is more important. Plus we get to spend great quality time with our families and make awsome memories. For me thats what is most important. We do not have to spen tons of money to enjoy each other.


We don’t have any trips to WDW planned at this point. The oldest DS will graduate high school in a couple of months so there is college stuff to finalize and DH’s job is directly tied to automotive so we are just thankful each week he has a paycheck. I have been promised a trip for our 25th anniversry, but 5 years seems a long way off…