The who's NOT going to Walt Disney World Thread


It’s official. Caseys Corner and family will not be going in 2008.:crying: This will be the first year missed in 5 years. We will have to feed off of your trip reports. Keep em coming.:mickey:


I am so sorry to hear that.


We haven’t been to WDW since 2006:pirate: , but we had to buy two new cars during the last 4 months, so there goes the Disney budget. But we are taking a vacation to Destin FL in July, so at least I still get to go to Florida.:smile:


OH! That’s is a bummer . . . well 2009 will be here before you know it! :laugh:

And there will be lots of NEW things to see at WDW by then I’m sure!!

Hey at least you have mousebuzz to keep you going right? :mickey:


Hang in there.

We know how you feel we missed 2007 for the first time after 5 trips in a row.


Aw, I am sorry, Casey’s Corner! I know it totally stinks when you have to cancel a trip or miss a year, but look at the bright side - it will give you more time to plan the PERFECT trip for 2009!


That is tough!! But, like everyone is saying, you have a long time to plan that perfect 2009 trip. It will be fabulous!!


I know how you feel too- we missed 07 after almost 20 years of visits -but needs must and other things came first.
Before you know it you’ll be back there and have even more to look forward to.


We’re not going this year either–we had a trip planned and booked with the bounceback program in September, had free dining, staying at one of our dream resorts (AKL) for 9days/10 days Sept 6th-15th, but had to cancel it since my Due Date is September 15th !! So that’s a pretty good excuse not to go!

I tried to talk DH into taking a short trip the end of this month before our AP’s expired but with all the new stuff we need to get it, there just hasn’t been enough money.

I feel so jealous of everyone planning a trip! But then I remember that we only have to wait a year or so then we can go back too!!

You’re right though! It sure is hard to miss a year when you’ve been so many years in a row!

(I did go in February, but I don’t count that since I had an awful time!)


Sad! But, it’ll make you all that more excited for 2009.


Me! I haven’t been in about 3 years, and won’t return for at least 2 more. Purely by choice, as I’m saving to move out of state and make a house downpayment.


Sorry to hear that.

I know it feels depressing.

I don’t think I’m gonna make the Hawaii trip I scheduled for June, either…

Luckily the October to Disneyland is still a go…


it doesnt look like we are going anytime soon either unless I can get a permanent job somewhere .


Aw, I am sorry to hear that. I still don’t know if we are going this year either, doesn’t look promising, but there’s always hope.

And, I couldn’t agree more about 2009, it just gives you so much more time to prepare and plan!! :slight_smile:


So sorry to hear that Casey…:frown:


Me! Can’t afford it. May be 5 years before I’m back- when my parents pay for the trip. Sigh.

DS7, however, will be taken to Disneyland in June. Ah, the joy of grandparents.


I’m sorry! But there is so much new stuff coming, your 2009 trip will be fantastic!


Thanks to all.
We will take the rest of 2008 and plan for next year. It will be here before you no it.

When we can go the kids have sports and when we all can go its peak season and $$$$$$$.

Oh well

We will enjoy all your trip reports and pic’s.

Sorry Mick we will catch ya next year.


ME! we are going in june next year! I am bummed to miss out on this year, but since we are moving this summer, and DH just gets 1 week of vacation, i guess its better to wait!

i am ready to be in major planning mode - i can’t wait!! just gotta get through VBS and moving, then it’s plan-o-rama time!!


Well, we were sorely tempted by the free DDP but will not be going this year–and we’ve been three years straight! Probably just a beach trip (Victoria’s neck of the woods).