"The Wild" a virtual remake of "Madagascar"




Well, I for one am looking forward to seeing this film! For me, it’s got three essentials:

1.) It’s Disney!!

2.) Brooklyn accented alligators!

3.) SHATNER!!! :biggrin:


I’m shocked!!! I had no idea you are a Sci-Fi fan! :glare:



ME?! A Sci-Fi fan?!

(Of course I am!!) :closedeye


I’m hoping recent changes in Disney’s animation leadership will bring a reversal in this downward spiral. :nonono2:

I remember a commercial for Valient, that went “From the producers of Shrek.” I mean, remember the days when OTHER studios were clammering to use Disney producers/names to plug their films?


i think “the wild” looks cute. i’m gonna take my nieces to see it next week. i’m sure the audiences will be the judge of whether or not “the wild” is a virtual remake of “madagascar”.


Unfortunately, I think most people will believe that The Wild is a rip off. I know when I first saw the previews, I thought the same thing.

I hope it does well for Disney’s sake. But, if I were them, I would’ve just scrapped it when Madagascar was released.


Too bad that they can’t get word that “The Wild” was in production before Madagascar was.


Well, if it has penguins I’m there! And they don’t even have to “smile and wave”! LOL!! I did hear that “The Wild” was in production before “Madagascar”…think I read it somewhere…I for one will be there when the doors open!


Yeah, The Wild was in production before Madagascar. It’s a shame that the release dates got flip flopped. Disney Feature Animation didn’t make this film though. C.O.R.E. Animation did, Disney is just producing it, kind of like the Disney productions of Pixar Films. Anyways, I predict this movie will do better than Valiant, but not as good as Chicken Little.


Okay, I’ll accept that “The Wild” was in production first.

BUT, Madagascar was based on that short-lived NBC show (can’t recall the name). Same characters living in a zoo. John Goodman was one of the main characters I believe. I find it really hard to believe that the Wild was in production before that show aired 2-3 years ago! So I still give Disney a rasberry (:tongue:) for this one!


I’ll see it on DVD regardless. It can’t be identical to the other “wild” movie, so it has to be worth viewing. The previews look cute. I won’t go to the threater for it however…I’ll wait three months and catch the DVD.


THe Wild does seem to be somewhat poorly timed, even if it was in production before Madagascar… :rolleyes: I also had the same sort of weirded out feeling when Antz and Bug’s Life rolled onto the screen even closer together… :nonono2:

But I will probably go and see it in the first week or two… :wink:


Ok I love Disney, but this movie is totally going to flop.


i would say its highly possible that this movie was well into production at the time of “Father of the Pride” (the show with John Goodman.) CG movies with this level of animation take quite a long time to make, not counting pre/post-production…and we dont even know how long this movie sat before production even began. as an artist, i think its sad that people are comparing these movies simply because they have animal characters and perhaps a similiar story line. the things the two movies have in common are just so broad. I would admit it is unfortunate timing, but i definitely wouldnt call it a “virtual remake.”


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, Madagascar was probally the rip off. they just got it out first.


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