"The Wild" screening date


does anyone know when the Disney Visa will have the screenings for “The Wild”? i’m curious as to when they will start letting members email them with the location and how many so i can mark my calendar. thanks in advance.


They haven’t had a movie screening since Herbie! I check on a regular basis and no more screenings. I haven’t read anything about them discontinuing screenings but it doesn’t look like we’re getting any more! :mad:


Doesn’t look good since the Wild is opening in a few weeks.


they had a screening for narnia and chicken little. i’ll look later tonight to see if i find anything. thanks guys!


Tragic, you’re right about those. We just weren’t able to go on those dates… completely forgot they were offered! Oops! But, no Shaggy DA… that was one I was really hoping for.


oh man. no screening for shaggy dog? huh… well, i hope they have one for the wild. that would be cool. i just checked the disney visa website and there was nothing listed at all about movie screenings. bummer.


I have not seen the Wild. Ice Age II was very good though.


I think The Wild is opening on April 15th in theaters.


I work for Radio Disney and we generally always have a screening of all Disney films. However, for some reason, Disney decided to cancel all the Wild screenings. We had people lined up to sponsor these and to attend and we had to tell them thanks but no thanks. The movie opens in theaters on April 14. So I guess we will all have to wait and see it with the general public. :cool:


bummer. i was hoping to get to go to a screening. thanks for the update thouhg, sydmacsmom.