"The Wild"


i just remembered this a couple of days ago and remembered to look it up tonight: when i went to see “Hoodwinked” with my nieces, one of the trailers was for a new Disney movie called “The Wild”. i haven’t found the official website yet but i came across this link: www.ci.mesa.az.us/police/hiring/Video/PD%20Recruit-Sequence%201-MPEG-1%20Web.MPG

this link will show you the trailer. i wonder if you guys can find anything a little familiar with this movie. i thought it was quite funny when i spotted it within the first 10 seconds of the trailer.


I couldn’t open the page. I Googled “The Wild.” All I got was “Girls Gone Wild,” but I don’t think that’s a Disney film.


That looked like Soarin to me… :biggrin:


here, cavey. i went disney.com and found this link for you: http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/thewild/


Didn’t something with animals like that just come out? Not Disney, but someone else.


Oh, yeah, Lil’ and I have seen this trailer.

It’s a total knock off of Madagascar. I remember thinking “How pathetic when Disney is copying the competition.”

Thank goodness Pixar’s creative heads are taking over as heads of Disney animation!

And it’s nothing like the Girls Gone Wild trailers on late night TV.


Is it just me or does this link say Mesa Az police hiring video?


Maybe it’s Mesa, AZ police arresting Girls Gone Wild? :tongue:


Ok… Am I crazy? Did that not remind any of you of Soarin, or are y’all just ignoring me on purpose? :tongue:


I can’t get the link to come up.


HAHAHA! I didn’t even notice that! It’s a recruiting video. It only played about 1 minute, then stopped. Bummer.

Madagascar - yeah,that’s the one I was thinking of. The characters look almost exactly the same. I really hope that doesn’t get released. Such a copy.


LOL! Dewey - I didn’t notice Soarin’

But yeah, why is DISNEY doing the rip off one! Aren’t they supossed to do the big good first one and then some other lame company does knock off?
For shame Disney. for. shame.


That looks just horrible…now I wish they would have done Valiant II.


Oh, OK, I just saw the link on that page for the trailer. NO! Anyone else think some of it may be a little… inappropriate? For something Disney, at least. I thought the ‘bareback’ comment was a little iffy…


I actually think this trailer was cute I guess I am the only one though


What a knock off! I can’t believe Disney is so desperate they have to copy other films.


I am shocked, appalled and bamboozled…at the knocking off…I am so NOT smiling and waving…harummph! What ever happened to original thought…sigh


I thought it was cute, my kids thought it was a part 2 for madagascar.


whispers to Pu* I thought the koala was cute…


Ok…then I must be crazy, cause I didn’t see any animals. All I saw was a helicopter flying over the desert… That’s what reminded me of Soarin… I saw NO animals… What’s up with that?