The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade Video


Sorry this video no longer works. :sad:

You may need these codecs for Windows Media Player.
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<br /><a href=“” title=“Walt Disney World”>Walt Disney World</a> - <a href=“” title=“The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade”>The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade</a><br /><embed style=“FILTER: xray; background:000000” name=“RAOCXplayer” src=“” type=“application/x-mplayer2” width=“320” height=“265” ShowControls=“1” ShowStatusBar=“0” AutoSize=“true” loop=“true” EnableContextMenu=“0” DisplaySize=“0” pluginspage=“”></embed></a><br /><a href=“” title=“Music Video Codes”>Music Video Codes</a> at <a href=“” title=“MySpace”>MySpace</a> <a href=“” title=“MySpace”>ToolBox</a>


R2G… WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO US WITH ALL THESE VIDEOS!! Now i am COMPLETELY depressed that my countdowns are so far!! hehe! they ARE great though… THANK YOU! :heart:


R2G, that was AWESOME! I didn’t even know you could post video stuff like that. You’re DA MAN!

Is this your recording, or did you find it on the web somewhere?


Found them:smile:

Just came across them and knew my friends here at DC would like them. :wink:


R2G! That song…I have it on my computer (my friend sent it to me) and she said it was from Disneyland Paris…is it?
Awesome video! you’re rockin tonight!!!


Yes that is it:smile:


COOL! I know my Disney music eh? LOL


Yeah you do :wink: …LOL “eh” :laugh:


hehe I’m practicing my “eh” so I’ll sound more canadian! :laugh: hehehe


Too cute! But that song really annoyed me. :pinch:


That is so cool! I am loving all your videos, thanks for posting them.


I :wub: the video! I liked the Little Mermaid float.


If you can’t see the video you may need these codecs for Windows Media Player.


WOW! I am loving these. I like the song and that parade! I love the Dumbo train! :mickey:


LOVE IT BUT ONE THING ! do you have any WDW parade videos ???


Trying :smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


You’re Welcome:smile: