The worst feeling in the World


Is waking up to find your Magical Express documents have been slipped under your door. And knowing your trip is almost over. :sad:

This happened to us Monday morning. Left WDW on Tues after a FABULOUS (but too short) vacation. I’m working on a TR. WITH PICTURES!


Oh I hate to see that envelope! Welcome back!!


Ah… that’s not so bad. At least you know you will be on one more Disney Ride before you go home.:laugh: :wink:


Daisee…way to make the most of it and put a positive spin on it!


You’re right. It is the worst feeling.
But now you can relive your trip and write a great TR, with photos, of course! I’m looking forward to it. :happy:


Oh I hate the envelope on the door too- with a smiley Mickey saying ‘Good Morning’ on your last morning- nothing good about it at all-its a sad sad day the going home day :frowning:


I know the feeling…

welcome back!


Man, I know exactly what you are talking about!! It’s like the slap in the face reminding you that your totally awesome trip is coming to an end :crying: .


Welcome back. I know that feeling. After coming in from a fun day it’s tough to get the letter that reminds you your trip is almost over.