The WORST feeling


What would you say would be the worst feeling in regards to your WDW vacation?


Wow, another tough one.

I’ve eliminated new restaurant/resort and fav ride because if your favorite ride was down there would still be a TON to see and do. Maybe it’s just me, but we don’t spend a lot of time at our resort so it wouldn’t be the worst feeling.

Last day of your stay is always depressing…but if I lost all my pictures from the trip I would probably lose my mind.


The worst feeling that came to mind is when I have to leave. I’m waiting in the lobby for the Disney bus to take me back to the airport. I see all the people heading to the parks or just checking in. Then I read the choice of loosing all my pictures and that would be horable beyond belief. I will say we always take a couple of cameras with us but that would be bad.


Worst feeling… definitely leaving. I never want to leave!


Last day of vacation is the worst. Leaving one of the parks(especially MK!) knowing you won’t be back for a couple years or so-the worst!


Last day of the vacation. SUCH a bummer.

I always try to stay upbeat and remind myself I have the whole day left (glass half full, you know?) but in the back of my mind I’m always completely depressed. I tend to be crankier on the last day too. :pinch:


I would definitely say getting sick. I just got over a cold and if I had ever felt that way at WDW I would be so disappointed.


I have to add that getting sick is a close second, though. I remember getting a bad sore throat on my 2002 trip, and it made me so sad and frustrated. I kept thinking “This isn’t supposed to happen at Disney!”


I vote sick/injured! Baloo and I were both sick for one of our trips, and it just wasn’t any fun at all. Worse than the “we’re leaving” feeling, for me. :pinch:


Voted for Last Day. I have been known to cry, especially on our last trip. A CM asked how I was when we were grabbing something to eat for breakfast and I just started to cry as I told her I was fine it was just our last day. I felt so bad for her.


I’ve got less to quibble with here, but nonetheless on several vacations (honeymoon cruise and three WDW vacations (twice on anniversary) DW gets sick and I’m on my own while she’s back in the room. That even ruined my plans for our anniversary dinner this year.
So my real worst is sick wife followed by favorite ride being down for my length of stay.


sick or injured…especially if it was my DD or DH. it would break my heart for them to be sick or hurt, and have all their fun spoiled. :o(

we’ve been a little snifflely before…but nothing like a full blown cold…we have been lucky to have the cold wait to set in until on the drive home! lol…seriously!


It spoils your time as well. As I said above, thrice DW has been sick while at WDW and there is no emptier feeling than walking through the MK alone while on your way to breakfast at CP. ESPECIALLY IF IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY!


Our last day is always a bit sad but I know we’re always going to go back and that helps.

Trying a new restaurant and not liking it wouldn’t ruin our whole trip, it’s just a meal.

During one trip my DH got a stomach bug and ended up sick in the room for a whole day and then he didn’t feel very good for a couple more days. It didn’t ruin the whole trip but it did ruin a few days for my DH.


yeah…the idea of doing the park w/o DD breaks me heart…the idea of her sick back at the resort…:crying: i don’t think i could do it. (it would be tough w/o DH, but i could manage it for DD’s sake…but it would be hard to have “fun”.


My son and I hit the parks while my DH stayed back in the room resting. I felt bad but we would have all been sitting in one room trying to be quiet while my DH tried to rest. We didn’t have as much fun as we would have had my DH been feeling good but we still went out and enjoyed the parks.


I love my pictures so I chose that one, but that’s why we pre-order the photopass. and I take along an extra camera! That way I’m prepared. We would always end up with some anyways.

So second choice, realizing we have the leave…


Seems to me when I head to Disney sick, I instantly feel better when I arrive. It’s probably the weather, but I like to think of it as ‘magic’.


DW says she would die if the pics didn’t come out but I am going with sick or injured. They are all a bummer, though. Space mountain will be closed when we are there in sept. and it is a little upsetting.

My motto is “worst day at DW is wayyyyy better than the best day at Universal”…I mean work…lol


Being sick would be awful.

But, when I saw the title of this thread I was looking for an option for the falling sensation on Tower of Terror. I HATE that part. I hope I don’t have to ride that ride for DS again. :laugh: