Theft at Disney


Soldier Fined for Shoplifting at Disney
By Associated Press
Sun Mar 19, 2:27 AM

HONG KONG - A Chinese soldier stationed in Hong Kong has been fined for stealing a Mickey Mouse key ring from Hong Kong Disneyland, a court document showed.

Tsuen Wan Magistrates’ Court charged Zhang Qinggang, 27, with theft and ordered him to pay HK$1,000 ($129) for pocketing the HK$35 ($4.50) key ring from a shop at the theme park in January, the document issued Friday showed.

Zhang, a Hong Kong-based member of the People’s Liberation Army, was shopping at the theme park with his wife when a security guard spotted him slipping the key ring into a carrier bag, the Ming Pao Daily reported Saturday.

The soldier pleaded guilty to the charge, the paper said.

The theft was an individual case and the Chinese army has always abided by the law since stationing in the city eight years ago, the paper quoted a PLA Hong Kong garrison spokesman as saying.

PLA soldiers were deployed to Hong Kong in 1997 after the former British colony was returned to China.


A key ring??? Just silly.


i’ll love to see what the theft statics are at WDW and DL. I wonder how many people they bust per year and how much a year is lost due to theft.


Silly he did it, or silly he was fined for it?

I like that he was fined for stealing.


Silly that he did it. He paid a $129 for $4.50 key chain. Just be honest and pay for the key chain.


This is a good sign! Mickey Mouse is loved by the PLA (that is the chinese communist governments’ army) that it’s members are willing to pay 29 times the asking price! A few more parks in China and we can balance the trade gap out :wink:


LOL!! Funny Tigger! :wink:


I would to, I bet we’d be shocked how much they loose every year.


Must be a slow day for news in HongKong.

Now - wouldn’t the world be a better place, if we all justprofessed our love for Mickey, joined hands and sang “It’s a Small World”…


That’s so sad.


Lets do it… Ittttsssss a smaaalll wooorrlldddd aaaffter aallllllll


GOOD! I hate shoplifters! FINE THEM ALL!!! :biggrin:
I’m really glad he got a big fine for a tiny object. He has disgraced the army lol


Sure, but you’d have to force some people to do it at gun point.


If they’re the People’s Liberation Army, why aren’t the people liberated? Also did you know that their navy is the People’s Liberation Army Navy? Maybe if they didn’t pay slave wages the poor guy wouldn’t have been so tempted to shoplift? I’m sorry, I kind of feel sorry for the guy even though he did break the law. And how much does a day ticket to HK Disneyland cost?
Theft at WDW and DLR? Hmmmm, didn’t all the hotels used to have ashtrays in the smoking rooms that were unique to each resort as well as towels? What ever happened to the better bathrobes in concierrge rooms? As for outright theft in the parks and DTD stores, I’m sure it’s a very small percentage and figured in to overall financial picture. It’s the cost of doing business.


I’m sure the amount of money they lose in stolen items is huge. That said, if we had penalties for stealing like China does, I think a lot of people would be a little more frightened to steal. Here they do little more than a slap on the wrist.


No one who can afford a day at Disney is so poor they must steal a $4.50 keychain :dry:


That’s not entirely true. You can’t say that, because you just don’t know the situation that that young soldier was in. I’ve met plenty of people at WDW who were stretching beyond all reason to have their vacation they’ve planned for the last 5 years. Jammed 8 people into a room for 4. Brought all their food from home and are cooking on a hot plate instead of getting that $6 turkey leg. No sodas for the kids, just water from fountains, no candy or ice cream. Thank God it’s pay one price, how would you love to be unable to park hop or have to carry a pile of high priced E-Tickets just so you can ride all the “Mountains” twice. I’ve been poor, really poor, and when you’re poor, you begin to look for ways to cut corners. Sometimes those corners shouldn’t be cut, but they get cut anyway. I’m not condoning the act, I just see some of the logic behind it.


Wow, that puts things in prospective and makes you really appreciate what you have and are able to do. Comments like that really make me stop and think.


Man, I wonder what the fine for taking Madam Leota’s head is…er…I mean “would be”…if someone did that…and by someone, I mean someone other than me.


Wow. Must have been a slow news day…