Them envelopes on the left side of yer screen


Okay, so we have blue envelopes, red envelopes and brown envelopes. Some are open, some are closed. But I can’t figure out what the code is.:blink:

And my pm to Dana reveals that SHE doesn’t know either.:ohmy:

Um, what exactly are they and what do they mean?:huh:


I’m NOW thinking the color code has something to do with whether anyone has “REPLIED” which turns a blue to a brown?

My next edumaketed guess is that after 10 or so replies, the brown envelope turns red?

Let me know whether I’m out in left field or not…:pirate:


Red Open - Hot thread with new posts - more than 15 replies or 150 views

Red Closed - Hot thread with no new posts - more than 15 replies or 150 views

Brown/Tan Open - New posts

Blue Closed - No new posts

Blue with a Lock - Thread is closed



My guess…

Open yellow - New thread, unread posts
Open red - Hot thread, unread posts
Closed red - Hot thread, all posts read
Closed blue - No new replies, all posts read



I just thought it warranted a thread, as this is the FIRST time I have seen them, and looking around the site I couldn’t find the decoder page…