Theme at Y&Y Counter Service


…an interesting looking area for CS at Yak & Yeti? We are doing 3 signature meals on our trip and can only do a CS here…I hear that the atmosphere is great, along with the food, but what about the CS area? Is it indoors/outdoors, does it have the cool theming? What is the seating area like? Or is it just like a take out counter? :ohmy:

Photos would be Very appreciated…


I haven’t seen any photos yet at all…not sure what the set up is.


It’s inside. The place is huge! And I don’t really know what you’d call the decor. Mt. Everest Shabby Chic?:happy:


Maybe there is another part of the counter service that is inside, but when we went last month we got our food at Y&Y’s outside area…thats all we saw. There is a large outside seating area, but at lunch time we had a hard time finding seats. Yet only an hour before the whole place had been empty, so I guess it depends on your timing. Food selection was minimal and the food tasted decent, but next time I’m sure we’ll eat at Flame Tree


Y&Y used to have the best cinnamon rolls, which were always sort of bubbling in their cast iron skillets on a stove behind the counter. Last time we went, though, they only had cold cinnamon rolls that had been delivered from elsewhere… I have only had breakfast there.


I agree, I thought the counter service was outside. I really wanted to eat here because it was new. Its set up a lot like the CS by Tower of Terror in HS. You wait outside to get your food, then find a table outside to sit at, and hope it doesn’t rain.


I posted pics in my trip report. It is really wonderful. The theming is spot on and the food was great. Outdoor seating only, but lots of trees and umbrellas.


Oh! I must be behind on my MB reading - though my DH sure doesnt think so…:ohmy:

I will check it out - thanks!!!


We really enjoyed our lunch there. The theming is spot on. And yes, it is outdoor seating only, with lots of umbreallas :wink:


[QUOTE=cowanfamily;868140]Oh! I must be behind on my MB reading - though my DH sure doesnt think so…:ohmy:

I will check it out - thanks!!![/QUOTE]
blech, for some reason in the trip report all the links to photos are not working. Must be something that happened when mickey worked on the site.


YEAH! Thanks. I didnt see them earlier, and left a post to add some other photos, but you can ignore, now. Awesome.

MB rocks, and you rock, too, Dopey…:wub: