Theme Park Music


Which park of your choosing, do you think has the best background music? I’m just curious. For me it would deffinately have to be either Animal Kingdom or Epcot. Epcot is right up there though.


Mk and AK…I love the music best at MK though.


you can’t compete with the originals right? hehe. Yeah i’m just listening to the music from the Tree of Life oasis. Great composing.


HUGE fan of Disney background music here. :wub: Resort hotels, parks, all of it…



There are also some albums of Disney instrumentals in various styles out there – Mannheim Steamroller, Heigh-Ho Mozart, O Mickey Where Art Thou…

Oh, and PockyMuncher, you may be especially interested to know that Tokyo DisneySea also has entire albums of park music. :happy:



Magic Kingdom! :tongue:

Mainly because it’s our favorite park, and the music really brings it all “home”!


Well my favorite is MGM because on Sunset BLVD all 40’s music is played and I enjoy listening to 40’s music, but I must say that I like the Land interior music also. So it would have to be MGM first then Epcot second.


Epcot for me. I have always wanted the music loop they play around World Showcase, but I havent been able to find it.


I love Epcot music!

AK is fun, too.


i love Epcot music too.


my parents LOVE manheim steamroller. He is really good. We have “Manheim SteamRoller Meets the Mouse”. it’s good stuff. I also found a TON of disney music on my computer including “Splash Mountain Medley” and by god does it brighten a person’s day. It’s so fun. It makes me wanna travel down south and sit in a rocking chair and strum a banjo. :wink:

ps. if you guys have a chance, really REALLY take the time to download the song “oasis garden theme” it’s really relaxing.


MGM really puts me in the Disney mood, but MK works too.


For me its a tie between Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios.


Islands of Adventure or Epcot.


The entrance music to Epcot is fantastic, but the banjo music in Frontierland makes me CRY! I get so emotional.


Which ones are you looking for? The ones for each country, or…?



Its a loop they play (or at least used to) with a 2 min sampleing of each nations traditional music.


hm, can’t help ya there. The group that plays outside of the Morocco pavilion is good. "Mo’ Rockin’ " i think is their name.


I love all of it. The background music at Wilderness Lodge has to be my favorite.


The World Showcase music that plays for a half hour before Illuminations.