Theme park spinner toys - price?


I have been calculating how much souvenir money to allot for each kid. Does anyone know what those light up spinner toys are going for these days?


i think 12-20 bucks. somewhere around that range.


Do they sell them on Disney I know they have park merchandise on there and in most stores now. They aren’t too far off in price either. A few things I seem to remember being more expensive in the World. I’d just budget each kid a set amt and if they want more they have to earn it by extra chores, b-day money, so forth. I don’t really do set amts with the kids. The oldest uses her allowance mainly ( I don’t make her pay for soda, water, etc.) In fact you might get them cheaper in a Disney Store or online and then just magically make them appear your first day.


In the past I have bought them at my local Disney store for $1.99, but I haven’t even seen them in a while.


I think the 12-20 range is right on.

The kids have kept theirs and brought them down each trip.

The kids used their spinners while in the double stroller pushing through the crowd at night in Epcot. It was our safety system to keep the crowds from trampling the front of the stroller. :eek:


The one we got many years ago at WDW broke, as have the ones from the Disney Store. All of the Disney Stores around us have closed - bummer!


I am more a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl and I usually just take a flat amount of $$ and use it for everything from tips to souvenirs, but I was trying to be more organized this time:laugh: There is always hope!:laugh: Oh, who am I kidding?:huh:


I’m pretty sure that the one that I bought in Sept 09 was $15.


We’ve actually had spinners from the Disney Store, and while the kids liked them, they have yet to ask for another. :huh: But that being said at WDW, parades, 4th of July etc I load my kids up with glow bracelets, etc. Usually Dollar Tree has oooodles and even has wands etc. I just break out a new tube or 2 every night. There are also modified versions of spinners at Target, wal-mart, etc that are a dome on a handle/wand. Inside it there are a bunch of lights, when the button si pressed it lights up, spins, and makes all kinds of patterns etc. Those are generally $10 or less each. I think the main issue w/ the spinners was that my kids had to keep the button pressed, and eventually they got tired of the shaking and thumb ache.

Glow bracelets/necklaces are great to hang on strollers, backpacks, kids, etc. We did this last trip and no one tripped on our stroller, etc.


I usually go to dollar tree and getting glow sticks or the party store. I’m goad my daughters are getting too old for the spinners. I still love em :biggrin:


Glowing star wands from the dollar store, that’s what we bring with us.


when i walked by an employee they said 35$


That’s a bit steep!


there kinda raising the price because of how many people are coming more people = more $$


We did these for Halloween at home. Those suckers lasted 2 days! Not bad for $1.:pirate:


Oo dang!!!


Sadly, they just closed our local Disney store (Douglasville, GA) but I would be there buying them before this year’s trip as well. The spinners AND the spray bottle/fans are both ridiculously expensive. Find a way to buy them before you go, we paid $20 last year for our Tinkerbell spinner.


a friend bought there spray for 15


20 sounds about right - of course the ones they sell at fantasmic are more - i think those were 25…

the guy who invented that technology was on modern marvels one night. he kept the rights to it, and licences it out to other companies - something like 90% of his business is to disney theme parks…


We were there in Nov and paid about $15 each for a tinkerbell and a buzz…but we plan on packing them for our trip in May, so we won’t have to spend anything this time!