Theme park ticket discounts


Does anyone know where the cheapest place to buy theme park tickets are. Im going by myself in july and i am trying to look for a good price.


I’m heading to WDW in April for 2 weeks and the best deal on tickets (not in a package) was thru Mousesavers. Check them out.


Although there are discount ticket brokers out there, ultimately there is no “super savings” on WDW tickets. You will only save a few bucks per ticket. Having said that, I would trust the recommendations of ticket brokers on or

Stay away from ebay. Also, buying partial tickets is like playing Russian Roullette. Basic rule of thumb…anyone offering a “super savings” on tickets is either a scam or a timeshare presentation.


This site come highly recommended from many WDW fans.

Unfortunately, like Cavey said, you really aren’t going to save a bundle on tickets no matter where you get them.


You may also want to check your local AAA. They sometimes have great deals. In fact, you may even be able to snag some of the old ones if you’re lucky.

#6 was the cheapest I found. Joe


I always buy mine from

For me, these are the best prices.


Beware of the local ticket resellers. They have no way of really knowing what is left on anything they buy or sell so it’s a shot in the dark.

Also, with the finger scans, may or may not work.

If you can buy a ticket on the blvd for $10 bucks there is a reason.

Stick with the known sources.


I second MAPLE LEAF TICKETS. Omar is the owner and is GREAT to work with!!! (and it’s conveniently located on 192, if you want to go there to see him face to face and pick up the tix)


Me, hubby, son, and daughter are going down to WDW in September and a friend of mine referred this person at Magic Castle Inn and Suites on hwy 192. She said she bought tickets cheap from him and the tickets worked great! I got a hold of him about tickets for me and he is selling me 3 day hopper tickets for $185.00 each for adults and $150 for kids. I found this to be an awesome deal. He said there is no timeshare presentation required. If you would like his information, let me know. I have his email, phone and address.


I have always used Ticket Mania and never had a problem. They were recommended by Enjoy your trip. Just got back from a week at Saratoga Springs.