Theme park ticket pick up @ Disney Springs


Greetings from Costa Rica! Anyone knows if there is a theme park ticket sales location at Disney Springs where I can pick up tickets that I purchased online at the WDW website? Thanks!


There is. I believe it’s now called the welcome center now. We went to the Welcome Center to get tickets to Disney Quest tickets last summer and had only a short wait.

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Ok! Thank you very much! :blush:


They run things a little differently. You walk up to the small kiosk just out front of the building doorway and “check in.” Then you sit and wait for a CM to come find you when it’s your turn. There are a lot of rocking chairs outside that we enjoyed relaxing while waiting to be called.

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Are there 2 locations there or just the one? The one we went to in May is close to the Polite Pig I believe. We went inside the building and told the CM behind the desk what we needed. There were a lot of people waiting so we found a couple of chairs inside. After about 15 min they called us into one the offices and took care of all our needs.

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There is only the one location in Towne Center (near the Polite Pig). We used it last year to renew our TiW discount. As others have said, it works a little different than a regular que. You sign in at the kiosk, and they call you. Plenty of couches, chairs and rockers to relax in while you wait. The wait is very short compared to the parks.


We went to the welcome center twice on our recent trip. Once to activate our annual passes and once to buy the Tables in Wonderland card we forgot to buy when we were activating our annual passes. We checked in both times with a CM at the door and had a maybe a 15 minute wait both times. They took our name and noted what we were wearing and came to find us when it was our turn.