Theme park with back pack?


With two little ones (4&2 yo) we are going to definetly have to take some type of bag. We bought a back pack for diapers, a couple snacks and waters. Anyone had issues with a back pack being to cumbersome???


when the girls were younger a backpack was perfect for all their stuff


AmeriBag Large BROWN HEALTH BACK SLING BAG travel purse - eBay (item 150248505113 end time May-25-08 18:02:39 PDT)

this is what i carry…i love it and it hold alot!!

i actually have 3, in size medium. (1 black, 1 sky blue, 1 pink)


by the way WELCOME to MB!! :C)


We’ve used backpacks in the past and they seem to be ideal. It keeps your hands free and they fit quite nicely on all the rides.


no… We take a back pack- I am used to carrying it… Plus you can stash it in the stroller while you are walking around the parks…


We always take a backpack with us. We take turns with it and try not to put too much in it, we stick with what we really need.


Welcome to MB first of all. Next, I always wear a back pack with all our stuff and the kids. Just remember not to make it too big or it can get very heavy and cumbersome.


We always bring our stroller (we bought our stroller at WDW) and we always attach our bag TO the stroller. There is no possible way I’m carrying a backpack on my back. Especially in the heat.

Just bring a bag you can attach to your stroller, even if your children aren’t going to use the stroller that much. Think of it as a movable storage device on wheels. :laugh:

Also, the days at WDW are long and the walking is great. A stroller will be much appreciated by your little ones. :happy:


aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I am the only one who thinks backpacks bite it big time! :laugh:


If you have a lot of stuff to carry, I think a backpack is a great solution! I personally hate carrying one if it’s sunny out (tan lines - I am so superficial :pinch:) but they do work great, and I find them to be a lot easier on the back than a shoulderbag. They’re easy to slip off and put between your legs on rides too.

If you plan on bringing a stroller, definitely utilize that to hold your bag for you…unless I absolutely HAVE to, I am a no-bag person altogether. I stick park tickets, cell phone, money, etc. in my pockets and call it good. But I understand that’s not really possible with little ones. :happy:


Nope, I totally agree! If I was in the situation with little ones, it’d be bag-in-the-stroller all the way.

As it is, I’m a locker girl. The price is totally worth it to me to have the stuff I might need right there- I need my sunscreen and I HATE being wet, and I like to ditch my hat after sundown. But I don’t want to carry anything, either!


Question… will you be using a stroller… a backpack fits over the handles so nicely…


My two year old HATES…I repeat HATES anything restrictive, including strollers. We plan to play it by ear. Although I think Miss Independent will need a stroller on some of the longer days.


You might think about bringing (or renting) a stroller just for the purpose of carrying your stuff. It’ll be convenient and save you a backache, plus it’s a great fallback in case Miss Independent decides she’s too tired to be independent anymore. :tongue:


I think with little ones, the back pack would be the easiest to manage. I personally don’t care for them, but I don’t have small children anymore. When I did, I used the smallish diaper bag with just basic essentials and stuck in on the coach.


dizzy has it right. Bring or rent and definitely just use it to hold your stuff and possibly hold your children.



Trust me has a father of 3 small kids–you want a stroller, preferably a double one or one for each of them. I think the Unofficial Guide says the average visitor walks 6 miles a day in the parks–that doesn’t include the walk out to the bus and then back to your resort. At 9:00p.m. you DON’T want to be carrying a sleeping 4yo all the way back to your room (the resorts are HUGE).

For a whole lot less than renting a stroller for a week (one that you can’t take out of the parks), you can buy two cheap-y umbrella strollers at Walmart and hang you back pack on it.

Worse case scenerio, you park the strollers at one of the parking areas and don’t use it all day. But it’s there when you need it!

And when the trip is over you can donate the strollers to a Rescue Mission or Crisis Pregnancy Center, where a low-income family can make use of them.


If it’s a good backpack that has a nice back support, that is good. A regular backpack is definitely better than using a bag with a strap that you hold on your shoulder or around your neck like a big camera bag.


We have always taken a back pack. Even now that my kids are older, we still use one for water bottles, sun block, poncho’s, etc. One thing is you do have to go through the security line and have it checked. The lines move pretty fast though.