There Can Only be ONE Psycho in a Family


This board seems to be populated with what Jen calls psychos.

“So my DH fell on his noggin on his way from the Poly to Cindy’s and we almost missed CRT even though I got up exactly 180 days earlier to be online with CR to make an ADR during the first minute of the day.”

My family thinks I’m nuts plugging confs into my spreadsheet for a choice ADR each day. I’ve been near the podium at Crystal Palace when a non-psycho tourist approched the hostess and asked, “Is there a wait?” “I’m sorry, Ma’m. We’ve been booked solid for the whole day for many weeks.”

The good news is, they’re letting me make the plans - what does a family do if there’s 2 or more psychos? :noo:


I don’t know…I’m the only psycho in my family…I think?


You better watch it Erin…from your TR’s it sounds like you may have two very soon! :tongue:

I’m glad I’m the Disney psycho cause I get to plan everything! I ask my BF out of politeness, but he just says “whatever you want honey.” Hopefully he never starts trying to help me!


Hang My Head In Shame I admit it I turned Nikki into a PSYCO child!!


I ask DH the same thing, and his response is the same or “it doesn’t matter to me.” I respond, “You can’t just not have an opinion on things, it’s Disney, you have to know something you want to do!” It drives me nuts when he won’t help me plan.

But everyone in my family knows I am the designated Disney planner. My dad has already told me in 3 years the whole family is going (mom, dad, brother, niece, hubby, and I and maybe a few more) and he wants us all to sit down and for me to help plan it all.

I guess he knew the family would be in good hands when he saw my planning notebook. The notebook consists of: Menus of where we’re going to eat, and might possibly want to eat, confirmation numbers for room and dinner ressies, touring plans from the unofficial guide, tips, overlooked things at WDW, and an ultimate packing list. :laugh:


Yep…i’m the Disney “psycho” in our family…and I’m planning one of those big family trips for September. My dad is totally lost on how I can be so obsessed with an “amusement park” and it’s my goal to SHOW HIM! Needless to say, I’m planning my “All Star Sports” off!! :laugh:


Heck, we’re ALL psycho in my family, especially over Disney! :happy:

(Although, I’ve been told that I’m the worst one!!) :cool: :tongue:


The good news is, they’re letting me make the plans - what does a family do if there’s 2 or more psychos? :noo:[/QUOTE]

Well, on this trip, there’s actually 4 of us. :eek: My CM DD, (who is usually the primary psycho), my CM DD’s fiance (who is also a CM), my ex-CM DD and me! Since this will be our last trip for a while ( :crying: :crying: ), we’re going way overboard in planning. Of course, my DW and my ex-CM DD’s DH are also going, but my DW is pretty laid back about planning and this is the SIL’s first trip to WDW.

So, last Saturday we all went to dinner and actually spent an hour discussing, arguing, cajoling about which restaurants to eat at and when (remember, we aren’t going until NOVEMBER!). We also began discussing which parks to visit on which day, when to go to DTD, when the guys are doing Richard Petty (because the ladies are planning on massages at GF on the day we are driving) and so on.

This summer is going to be interesting. I hope the 4 of us don’t kill each other before November rolls around.


That sounds like a great idea! The women get pampered and the guys get to have fun at the sports complex. I’ll have to suggest this for our magical gathering in a few years. Thanks for the idea!


Hello,my name is Alma and I’m a disney psycho!!! I’m the DP(designated psycho) in my family.


I posted a list for all of you psychos to assess yourself by.

Enjoy. :happy:


I am the psycho and everyone loves it cause it gets them off the hook for planning anything…lol My DD just tells me a few places she wants to eat and lets me go at it. My DBF don’t even want to talk about the trip (I think he’s the phsyco) until the week before so I can tell him how much to bring and how long he needs off from work…lol Plus with me being the psycho, they also get off the hook for any bad things that happen cause that is the psycho’s fault totally…lol I get blammed for anything missed while packing, lines and anything they can think of. Now that to me is just a challenge to perfect my plans…lol I have time tables, know the time it takes to get to each ADR…blah blah… I have personalized packing lists for everyone coming, grocery lists, reservations out the wazoo and more things then you need to have a good time at WDW…god, I love being a psycho.


Not only am I the only Disney psycho in the family, but my family won’t even participate in the planning. They just look bored when I ask them an opinion on which place to go.


I know that look ddoll…my DBF actually “huffs” when I bring up planning. I also get the “not this again” look. He plans NOTHING…I mean nothing. I plan everything to death. What the heck is he doing with me…and for ten years even…lol


Yup DH huffs also and says gee the trip is only 200 days away so we have to plan right now? And I say yes it is very important!!


It would be so nice if I had another Psycho in the family with whom to confer about Disney business. Instead I have to come here and put up with all of youse guys :tongue:


I’m the psycho, but I’m proud to say I’ve raised two lovely little blonde Psychos-in-Waiting, to carry on the line.


I would be the one in my family, but my kids are following in their psycho dad’s footsteps. If someone is talking & says something like …“you & you & you,” he replies “happy halloween!!” (Go to MNSSHP, & you’ll get it!!) Both kids put their stuffed animals into their play shopping cart & act like they’re checking into POP!
We’re going in September, & I’m trying to come up with reasons to go back in '07! At least we’re not alone…


We have 2 Psycho’s in our family and we have a 3rd in training! My DH knows my password for DC and checks in during the day at work, while I am working and he has nothing else to do! We are both planning freaks and our friends just don’t understand.

Now my youngest DD (9) has the bug and she has planned all the meals for our December trip!

So I think we are becoming a family of psycho’s!