There is a SMALL possibility


So, my best friend will be renting an apartment in Ghent, which isn’t too far from Brussels for 9 months. Of couse she wants me to come visit her but naturally I MUST go visit Disneyland Paris, even if for one day. I am having a hard time finding an easy way to travel from Brussels to Disneyland, or from Ghent to Disneyland but if I can work it out I am SOOOO going!!! She is going to be SO mad at me when I tell her I want to go to Disneyland but I will go by myself if need be.

What do you guys think?


Hmmm…I think if you don’t go to Europe…you could use that money for AP’s.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: j/k Sounds like a great opportunity…one that would be hard to pass up. Would your hubby be able to go as well?:huh:


It’s a no-brainer. You just have to go to DL Paris!


No, he definately wouldn’t go. Michele isn’t a big Disney fan so I will probably just take the train and check our DL Paris by myself. This is all speculative though, she hasn’t even signed the lease yet. :laugh:


You MUST go to DLP - they have the most beautiful castle in all the parks I have been told. So I want to see a picture of it. There’s got to be a train from Ghent to Paris and then you can take a train from Paris to DLP. Europe’s chocked full of trains.


Chocked full of on time trains!


Absolute piece of cake to get from Brussels to DLRP. I’d guess a 90 min - 2hour trip. There may even be a train that goes directly to the resort from Brussels as Eurostar stops at the park (Marne La Vallee). The train station is actually right outside the gates of the park. Maximum would be one change at Paris. Check out Eurostar : Tickets, Bookings, Timetables, fares and offers

Any info you want (Hotels (on or off property), park info, Paris info blah blah) then just ask in this thread or PM me.

TT :smile:


Wish, how exciting! Of course you need to go to DLR, not going isn’t an option!:laugh:

As others have said here - there are a plethora of trains you could take. But me personally, I prefer air. Commuter flights in Europe can be really inexpensive. I flew return from London to Nice when I was in Europe in June, and it was less than $150. The train ticket was actually a little less expensive, but not by much, and in some case I’ve been told the train can be more expensive than a flight by far.

It’s not a question of if, but a question of how :slight_smile:


You have to go or else you will have wished you had gone. Might be the only chance you get.


What you say is right, but nobody would fly from Brussels to Paris to get to DLRP. It would be quicker to drive! London to Nice? Definitely. Brussels to Paris? No way. Much quicker and far easier by high speed train. TGV or Eurostar. Trust me, I’m an Englishman.:wink:

Just looked at the Eurostar site and it looks like you would change at Lille, not Paris. I’ve been to the station at Lille and it is really easy to navigate through. From Lille Eurostar will take you to within 150 yards of the park entrance itself.


How exciting!!! You can definitely take a train from Brussels to Paris. It would be approximately 3 hours in duration. I did it a few years ago with my kids - went from Amsterdam to Brussels, then Brussels to Paris. Loads of fun. Enjoy DLP!


You can’t miss the Disney magic. It would be a shame to go all that way and not go the extra little bit to get to the magic.

Totaly worth the trip



Thank you everyone!!

TowncarT, I wrote to the Belgian Tourist Office, which has an office here in NYC. They gave me the following response:

"You can easily reach “Paris Disneyland” by train from Gent Sint Pieter station.
Average traveling time is 2h30min. You will need to take a regular train from, Gent to Bruxelles Midi. And a second fast train TGV from Bruxelles Midi to Marne la Vallée-Chessy (Paris Disneyland)

More information on"

I went to the website and it looks like the train from the Bruxelles Midi station goes directly to DLP, I didn’t see anything about having to stop in Lille. The only thing that stinks, or I am not reading this correctly, is that it looks like the last train back to Brussels from DLP is at 18:00. I guess that kills the idea of just making it a day trip? It looks like I would have to spend the night.


Sounds right. It’s only Eurostar that changes at Lille. TGV (Train Grand Vitesse - VERY FAST TRAIN!) stops at DLRP like they say. And TGV is surprisingly inexpensive. My son used it in February. I wouldn’t worry about not making it a day trip. Why not make it a weekend and combine a trip to Paris? I’ll give you a comfortable but inexpensive hotel that is only two stops on the train from DLRP and about a 30 minute train ride into Paris the other way - and I’ll even tell you what ticket to buy so that you can make the most of your day in Paris. Last month we did Paris and Disney Village (like a small-scale Downtown Disney) on the same day, using the same train ticket. The trick with DLRP and Paris itself is knowing your way around so that you don’t waste time and money. :smile:


Cool. I have flown from Paris to Brussells before as well, for pretty cheap. I have family in both places, and it was much less time consuming. I did this at my cousin’s suggestion (who lives in Brussels).I prefer flying and it’s so easy these days. But just my opinion.


This probably wouldn’t be until until my Christmas break or my Spring Break so I have some time to think about it.

Well, it seems to me that you MUST go - it’s too easy not too - and leaving that late at night - then you MUST stay in a DLP Resort - it makes perfect sense to me.


I hope you can find a way to make it work - I would loooooooove to hear all about DLP!


That’s cool. I suppose it depends on your ultimate destination. It wouldn’t be much fun if we were all the same! :smile:


That would be amazing. You would have to keep us informed. Everytime I go on to the web site it’s not even in english. Prices anyway. I hope it works out for you.


Hey DhaliLlama, what just happened there? :laugh: :tongue: