They are B-E-A-UUUTIFUL!


I just got my PPP tickets and they are amazing! :wub: We are all already fighting over who gets which one!!!

We got 2 Incredibles, 1 tinkerbell, and 2 different ones with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy on them!!!

I :heart: getting the tickets!! It makes it feel real!!!


Ours are set aside for the scrapbook. I have about 5 trips worth of souvenirs waiting for 5 scrapbooks. I need a scrapbook tutor!



Not sure what you are referring too?


Pirate & Princess Party :wink:


How about a pic of ur tix?


I take mine out and peek at them every once in awhile…they are beautiful!

congrats on getting your’s in the mail.


Oooh I can’t wait to see mine!!


Blah! I’m not getting any cuz I’m not going:crying: To P&PP OR WDW:crying: :crying: sniff sniff


I think I got the same tickets for MVMCP. We got a card with just Cindy, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in a tea cup and Mickey, Donald and Goofy in the air above MK.

Here’s a link to pictures of our tickets:


Yep those are them, we got one that has Tink and the incredibles too!


Cool! :cool:
I have mine sitting here right in front of me. :wub: :wub:


Can’t wait to see ours! Dana told me what they look like, but I was so excited I forgot. But I haven’t forgotten that we will be going in 5 weeks!:laugh:


FORGOT WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE??:ohmy: :eek: :laugh: :laugh:

Glad you remembered you were going though.:laugh: :laugh:


Have you ever talked to Dana? When she is really excited about something? She got me so jazzed up I lost my mind…yeah, yeah I KNOW you have to have one in order to lose it…geez…


Now that isn’t any fun when you type it out faster than I can think it.

No, sniff, sniff, I have never talked to Dana.:crying:


Aren’t you on our “Call at 3AM List”?


:ohmy: I just forgot, I don’t have a phone.

:laugh: :laugh:


Too late for that now…:whistling :whistling