They changed the on hold music!


Maybe this is not news, and I have certainly not called in a while (maybe a year)… but I am currently on hold, and They have gone and changed the music!

Well, not totally- there is some commentary after every song, and they are thanking me for being on hold, and while I am on hold… I can think about visiting Epcot, and the tiki room, etc…

Disney, we ned to talk…


Wait, visit the Tiki room in Epcot :huh: eh… What?!


they just told me about the haunted mansion… in Disneyland Park, it is a New Orleans mansion, and at Magic Kingdom Park, it is a “moody new england house on a hill”… Now I am hearing the song…


No, Epcot is still Tiki free… but there are constant references to other parks… After grim grinning ghosts, I am hearing soarin, but I can see it on both coasts and visualize flying over California…I am not calling Disneyland people!

This is weird…


wow… :pinch: I so wish I was at Disney World right now. Two years in a row I will not be able to go… I call sometimes just to hear the music :biggrin: :laugh:


When I called DVC last week, they were playing alot of Lilo & Stitch songs…guess pushing the new Aulani Resort.


but was there commentary after each song? Like what album it was on etc.? I felt like I was listening to the radio… but I did not want the voices- just the music…


The really weird part was the agent was in GA (where I am ) she told me where… and she hoped to get to go to Disney one day. No kidding. She was very friendly, and helpful, though… and she answered my questions. Not complaining at all, but it was a whole new world!


That would be annoying - I like the on hold music :slight_smile:


This shows you how much I tune out the on hold infotainment.
I just find Mr Voice annoying, equal to, but not greater than the Mr Voice my cable company inflicts on callers.


Yeah… but there is no reason for information about the tiki room songs and what old album it is on-that I cannot currently buy! And I already know that I can see it in Magic Kingdom park, and if I didn’t know it- let me discover it when I get there… It just seemed very much like a commercial for something that I am already buying… not necessary.